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Your high school years can be some of the most fun you will ever have, and they can also go by in a whirlwind. Documenting these moments with photos and videos is just what we do these days. With technology at our fingertips, capturing our daily life around us is second nature. Your senior portrait experience is no different! At first when you think about senior photos, you’re probably just thinking about that one photo that makes it into the yearbook for the entire school to see. I want you to step back and see your high school senior portrait session as another memory and experience of your high school days. We are going to spend hours together to show the world who you are, TODAY. We are going to remind the you-ten-years-from-now how vibrant, fun and charismatic you are. We are going to create memories, while we are documenting memories.sunny-coeur-d'alene-senior-pictures-06

sunny-coeur-d'alene-senior-pictures-04One of your jobs during your senior photos is to allow your passions and personality pour out of you. One of the ways we allow this to happen is by choosing the perfect locations. I want you to be in a setting that accentuates your personality. A setting that screams “THIS IS WHO I AM!” An area that you feel at home in. The Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area is breathtaking and has literally thousands of wonderful spots to have your pictures done at. I always have examples of previous senior locations if you ask. However, it is always a pleasant surprise to take senior pictures at a new and undocumented location.

sunny-coeur-d'alene-senior-pictures-07Another crucial way to exemplify your personality is your choice of wardrobe. Choosing the right outfits can make or break the photos. Seriously. I recommend holding a dress rehearsal or fashion show with Mom, a sibling or a friend. Make sure the clothes fit properly, you have the right accessories and that you look bad ass in them! The number one issue on the day of shooting is that the senior forgot to bring the proper under-garment. Keep in mind I am a photographer not a photoshop guru. Not everything can be fixed in the computer.sunny-coeur-d'alene-senior-pictures-11

The last point today on screaming THIS IS WHO I AM, is bringing in your hobbies and activities. Are you a volleyball player? If so bring a volleyball and your uniform. If you are a band member bring your instrument. If you love reading book after book, then bring a stack of cherished books with you Let’s show everyone your unique interests and passions.sunny-coeur-d'alene-senior-pictures-02

I hope you take these tips into consideration when looking to having your senior photos done. I can promise you I’ll bring my A-game when it comes to getting unique senior pictures done. So take a little time in your preparation. Your high school senior photos with Crystal Madsen Photography are bound to amaze family, friends, and the you-ten-years-from-now.

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