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Spokane Boudoir Photography

Why invest in a boudoir session? Because YOU deserve it. I’m going to be up front with you, I shoot boudoir sessions for YOU, not for your partner. Yes, handing over a Little Black Book of sexy, classy and beautiful photos of you in lacy lingerie is a great way to show them how confident and sexy they make you feel. But I’m shooting for you. My “why” for being a boudoir photographer in Spokane is to empower women. To show you how beautiful you truly are. To fill you with confidence that “Yes! I am just as hot if not hotter than the women I see in magazines.” To give you a new appreciation of that magnificent body. I know you have doubts. I know you have insecurities. It is my wonderful job to show you angles of yourself that you’ve never seen before. To photograph you in a light that is intimate and empowering. To show you that you can be delicate and badass all in the same image, which is guaranteed to be Always Sexy, Always Classy, and Always Beautiful.

This luxurious boudoir session is a life-altering experience. We are creating fine art from nature’s most fabulous natural wonder.


In-Studio Boudoir Session-$485

  • Consultation
  • 2.5 hour session at my downtown Spokane boudoir studio
  • Makeup By Evelyn Mauro or other professional makeup artist
  • Hair with a professional stylist
  • 50 beautifully retouched images to purchase product from
  • Up to 5 outfits
  • Minimum product order of $900 to be purchased 3 weeks after session

In-Studio RAW Boudoir Session-$375

  • Consultation
  • 2.5 hour session at my downtown Spokane boudoir studio
  • 50 un-edited images to purchase product from
  • Up to 5 outfits
  • Minimum product order of $900 to be purchased 2 weeks after session

Boudoir Party-$1,185 per Boudoir Babe

A boudoir party can be the perfect way to spend the day with your BFFs! When you book a party, the downtown Spokane boudoir studio is yours for the day. Feel free to bring snacks and I’ll provide the champagne. Hop into your robe and enjoy each other’s company while you get pampered with hair and makeup and, if you choose, encourage and root each other on for a 60-minute individual session inside the boudoir studio. Boudoir Parties are typically held Tuesdays-Fridays beginning at 9:00am. Because I work with window-light, our sessions need to be completed before sunset. Summer parties will accommodate for more babes while winter parties will only accommodate 2-3 boudoir babes.

  • Minimum of 2 boudoir babes
  • 1-Hour session at my downtown Spokane boudoir studio
  • Makeup By Evelyn Mauro
  • Hair with a professional stylist
  • 25 custom edited images to purchase product from
  • Up to 2 outfits
  • $900 product credit included

Boudoir Product Options

Choose one of these product options in addition to the In-Studio Boudoir Session above (purchased approximately 2-3 weeks after we shoot)

5×5 Little-Black-Book-$900

This flirty little book is the perfect size for the on-the-go viewer because of its inconspicuous and classy size. Holding 15 sultry images from your sexy boudoir session that you choose, it is for sure an eyebrow-raiser! Upgrade to an 8×8 size with the same amount of images-$1,200

8×8 Livre de l’amour-$1,800 ***MOST POPULAR***Boudoir in spokane

A luxurious album meant for safe-keeping. If you and your significant other want to get comfortable and enjoy your steamy boudoir images in this luxurious high-quality album, you should also create a secret hiding spot. Showcasing 30 of your most risque boudoir photos that you choose on sexy deep-matte pages, this album is durable and displays our fine art in a larger format for a more enjoyable viewing experience and special memento.

Our-Little-Secret USB-$2,900

A custom-designed sleek USB that holds ALL empowering images in your gallery (50 promised). What to do with them? Glance at them when you’re doubting yourself for an extra boost of confidence. Make a super-sneaky digital photo album that your partner can take on their phone and swipe through your sexiness! Send a flirtatious photo on their lunch hour for a quick shot of adrenaline. Design your own calendar to hang in the garage…the options are limitless! Rights are released to reproduce for your own personal use and pleasure. If a Little-Black-Book or Livre de l’amour are purchased, the USB cost is discounted to $2,400.


One of the treats above must be purchased to make the Add-Ons available. More Add-On options available and viewable once your images are uploaded into your own private online gallery

Matted 4×6 print $75
Matted 5×7 Print $115
Matted 8×10 Print $150
Matted 11×14 Print $225
Matted 16×20 Print $350
Wall Calendar $500
Individual Digital Image $120
Entire Gallery (at least 50) Digital Downloads w/ Digital Rights Released & Limited Print Authorization $1,500

All Sales Final. You may gift or transfer your session, but no refunds are offered once session is paid for.

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