Capturing Essense In High School Senior Photos

I truly enjoy shooting high school senior photos. I think it is the energy and excitement that exudes from these young adults that gives me the most satisfaction. There truly is no other photography work like senior portraits and no other time in a person’s life like that of a teen entering their last year of high school. Do you remember what it was like to pour your time and energy into just being you? Or what it was like being able to commit full heartedly to a sport or activity so deeply that it literally was your identity? When I am working with my seniors, I look to capture the elements of their lives that make them definitively unique. I want the person viewing these images to feel the drive, passion and individuality that is palpable during my senior photo shoots.

My work with Brooke, a high school senior at Gonzaga Prep, was a fantastic experience. This young lady’s vibe screams adventure. I wanted to produce images that would show the world how elegant her boldness can be.

We started the shoot softly in the calmness of nature at dusk. Our first images whispered the suggestion of playfulness, like childhood being gently swept away as a woman emerges from the girl. Brooke smiled with her now brace-less teeth. She twirled in the field, giggling, as the sun was setting. We created images for her to submit to her private catholic school’s yearbook. And then, she did her outfit change…

Black pleather pants, and a criss cross halter top that accented her lovely neck and color bone structure. I knew for sure this girl was going to take some risks for my camera! We headed down to the river and with very little need for instruction she was able to help me produce senior photos that will for sure allow people viewing them to feel her personality. Trust me when I say this girl was freezing when she was laying in the river, but she never once complained. She is for sure holding some great internal strength and resilience. Can you see it in her eyes?

If you would like to see more of my work with high school seniors click HERE to access my portfolio.

Spokane outdoor senior portraits
Outdoor photoshoot with old chair prop
Outdoor senior portraits for girls
outdoor girl senior portrait
Dynamic senior portrait by the river
Beautiful senior portraits for girls
beautiful girl in the river
Interesting senior portrait for girls
Interesting river picture for senior portrait

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