Boudoir Workshop

Boudoir Workshop

Boudoir Photography: On The Next Level June 3rd & 4th in Spokane, WA (Only 2 seats left)

Are you ready to take your boudoir photography to the next level?

This in-person workshop is only for those photographers who are serious about turning their business full-time and making an impressive profit. No more $250 sessions. Our goal is to boost your confidence and give you the tools so you can start making more than $1,000 per boudoir session.

These classes are small and will stay intimate for an optimal learning environment. Only 5 students per workshop. After the workshop, each attendee will receive 2 one-on-one 30-minute virtual sessions to discuss ANYTHING you want. This could be a Q&A session over posing, lighting, business tactics. It could be a portfolio review and critiques. It is literally anything you want to discuss that you think will help you grow and become a better boudoir photographer.

What you will learn:

  • How to connect with your online audience
  • How to respond to inquiries
  • How to nurture your client after booking
  • How to create trust with your clients in-person
  • How to read natural light on a body and face
  • How to use reflectors
  • Tried and trusted pose for ANY body
  • Interactions with the client
  • Light, bright, and airy looks
  • Dark, moody and contrasty looks
  • Session pricing theories
  • Product and product pricing theories
  • Payment plans theories
  • Basic retouching if time allows
  • Basic SEO tips

What you will NOT learn in this boudoir workshop:

  • How to operate your camera (students should be comfortable shooting on manual and in RAW)
  • Extensive and Advanced Editing and Processing (maybe in a future class…or this can be a topic of your 30-min virtual follow-ups)
  • Erotic or pornographic poses (We keep it Always Sexy. Always Classy. Always Beautiful at Crystal Madsen Photography)
  • Extensive and Advanced SEO tips (maybe in a future class…or this can be a topic of your 30-min virtual follow-ups)

For a more in-depth description, please flip through the 8-page e-book below.

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June 3-4th Boudoir Photography On The Next Level by Crystal Madsen