Photo Session Frequently Asked Questions

Spokane High School Senior Portraits

Q) How much should I plan on investing for my high school senior photos?

A) The most popular combination of locations and packages are a 2-Location session, Portrait Package B and the Gallery Download for a total of $1,835. But you can expect to invest at least $355 for Just-The-Essentials and the minimum product investment.

Find more details on the cost of Spokane senior pics here: https://crystalmadsen.com/pricing/spokane-high-school-seniors/

Q) Do you offer digital images?

A) Absolutely! Once you invest at least $500 in other product (prints, books, graduation announcements etc) the digital images become available for purchase. You can purchase a digital download of your images for $375 or you can purchase a customized keepsake USB for $425. With the purchase of digital images, you are purchasing the rights to reproduce your images for personal use online or in print.

I require a physical product investment because we are creating a work of art, and that art needs to be displayed property. I can guarantee quality on the product I deliver to you, but not so much if you print elsewhere. When your friends and family view your senior portraits on the wall or in an album, I want them to be impressed with not just the photo itself, but also with the quality in which it’s displayed.

If you decide to print with another company, I highly discourage using your local department store as they do not posses the quality equipment and paper that professional printers provide. I cannot guarantee the quality of your product if you do not print through my studio, but I do recommend using our local print lab RR Custom Color Lab or online with www.mpix.com.

Q) When I purchase a portrait package, do all of the prints need to be of the same image?

A) Nope. For instance, Portrait Package A:

  • (8) Wallets
  • (4) 4X6 prints
  • (4) 5X7 prints
  • (2) 8X10 print
  • 11X14 printAside from the sheet of wallets, each print can be a different photo. There are 12 different prints in this package, if you wanted 12 different photos, you can do that!

Q) Can I split the sitting fee with a friend?

A) Not usually, but sometimes I run promotions and specials that would work for this scenario. Shoot me an email to see if I have something that works for you!

Q) How many outfits can I wear to my senior portrait session?

A) Each of my senior portrait session packages vary on how many outfits you can change during your senior picture experience. If you book a Just-The-Essentials, 2 outfits is the limit. A One-Location option allows up to three outfits. My 2-Location is limited to six outfits and the 3-Location has a maximum of 8 outfit changes. Overall, my opinion is 2 outfits per location. We don’t want to waste too much time(sunlight) changing clothes or giving ourselves too many decisions to make.

Q) What should I wear to my senior photo shoot?

A) You should wear clothes and outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. I recommend a full spectrum from super casual with jeans and a t-shirt, to a more formal outfit if that suits you. Every human body is different. Know yours and be sure the clothes fit your body and look great! Read this article written to fully address this question: What to Wear To Your HS Senior Session

Q) When is the best time of year to shoot my senior photos in Spokane?

A) Most importantly, to be safe we want to shoot your senior photos at least 5 weeks before your school’s yearbook photo deadline. Most Spokane high schools want yearbook photos in by mid-October, but some are as early as September. Next, think about any trips, camps or activities you are attending during the summer before your senior year…we will want to work around these. Third, it depends on your location choice and the scenery. Some fields become more golden in August/September while they are more green in June/July. River water tends to have higher banks earlier in the summer and give more of a beach later in the year. Spring blossoms are plentiful in April, while annual flowers thrive in September. Do some research and brainstorm which type of setting you would like to shoot in.

Q) Do you have location ideas or is that up to me?

A) Yes, to both! I have my favorite spots where I can predict the sun, the foliage and help match a setting to your personality for sure. I also love when a senior has their own ideas or personal property to shoot at. The more unique, the better! For some Spokane setting ideas, check out this blog: Location Ideas for Senior Portraits

Q) Do you offer professional hair and makeup? Why should I invest in makeup for my senior portraits?

A) Professional makeup is included in the 2-Location package and both hair and makeup are included in the 3-Location package. To add on professional hair the charge is $50 and to add on professional makeup, the charge is $65. Even if you do not regularly wear makeup, or wear very little, I highly recommend splurging for the makeup application as it evens out skin tones, makes our skin appear smoother, and enhances our eyes and cheeks. We want you looking like you not an older version, so we do not apply heavy makeup nor do we use fake lashes. Just enough makeup is applied to show off a confident YOU! 90% of the high school senior ladies you see in my work has invested in professional makeup for their senior pics.

Q) Do you submit the yearbook photo for me?

A) Yes, with the disclosure that it is the senior’s and parent’s responsibility to double check that the correct photo was received by the yearbook advisor by the deadline. I ask the senior and parents to forward the submission requirements to their school at least 2 weeks before the photo is due to the yearbook.

Q) What are some prop ideas for my senior photos?

A) This is where you can get creative and make your senior photos unique to you! Are you involved in an extra curricular activity or sport? What are your hobbies that make you unique? Every activity has something we can bring to the shoot. Props are not mandatory by any means but if you want to bring something other fun options are bubbles, chairs, framed pictures, sparklers, cars, animals….anything! Here’s a great blog for examples and ideas:

Q) Can I have my friend/sibling in my photos?

A) Absolutely! Bringing a friend is recommended as long as they help you be yourself and laugh. We can pop them in for a few photos for fun. I am careful not to allow buddy pictures to take away from your time.

Q) Do you travel for senior portraits?

A) Yes!! Private residences or lake houses that hold meaning to seniors are some of my favorite locations because no one else has what you have! Plus it makes your experience ever more special like Elisabeth’s at Camp Spalding. I do charge $40 per hour beyond a 30-minute drive from downtown Spokane.

Q) Do you skin edit/touch-up senior portraits?

A) Yes. Still holding true to my theory that we are capturing who you are today, I do retouch images and touch up skin to an extent. I do not over-edit, but if there are a few blemishes that will not be there in 10 years, those will be gone. If there are more than a handful of blemishes, I let you decide if you would like me to apply extensive editing for $5 per photo.

Q) What if weather requires a reschedule?

A) While it doesn’t happen very often, inclement weather can require us to reschedule. Winds above 12 mph can knock over my lights and give your hair a wind-blown look. If you’re okay with hair blowing around and a natural-light session, I am too! If we have constant rain, we will reschedule. If the air quality is unhealthy or hazardous, we will reschedule. If the temperature gets above 98º, we have a conversation and discuss a reschedule.