What To Wear To Your Senior Portrait Session

One of the biggest decisions of your senior years is what to wear to your senior portrait session. You want to look your best, and you may have one or two outfits in mind, but what should you take into consideration when deciding what to wear? During our consultation, we will discuss in length what you should consider and what will best help show off your personality. I typically recommend two or three outfits per location. Keep the season and location in mind when making your selections. Be sure your outfit and setting works well together, and the weather and wardrobe go hand-in-hand. Make your final selections about two weeks before your shoot. That way if you thought you had a certain belt handy, but forgot you lent it to a friend, you have time to get it back or shop for another. Another great tip is to put on literally every item that goes with each outfit. From socks and shoes to tank tops and accessories. Show a friend, sibling or parents and have them look for and analyze any malfunctions or anything that just doesn’t look right. For example the wrong length or color of tank top, choosing the right belt, or assuring properly fitting tops. Again, if you do this a couple of weeks prior to your senior session, you will have enough time to run out and pick up any missing pieces.

Number one rule is to wear what makes you feel awesome and rock it! Everybody’s style and body types are different, choosing the best outfits to show off your personality and look your best is beyond important. Putting time into choosing what to wear to your senior portrait session is a key factor in creating kickass images. I recommend putting on a fashion show for mom, siblings and friends about 2 weeks before we shoot. That way if you thought you had a certain belt handy, but forgot you lent it to a friend, you have time to get it back or shop for another. Put literally every item on that you will be wearing for that outfit: shoes, socks, undergarments, bottoms, top, and accessories. Walk the catwalk for your audience and have them keep an eye out for any malfunctions such as the wrong height of socks, the wrong color of tank top or bra, straps falling down, too tight of clothing or too loose of clothing. We want to dress to flatter our bodies. Remember, while short shorts and belly shirts look phenomenal on a size negative-2 mannequin at the mall, doesn’t mean it’s going to fit perfectly on us. Dress your age and bring out your personality.

Favorite pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt.

It speaks casual, carefree and simple. Steer clear of screen print t-shirts unless it is a message that you want screaming in your photo. Otherwise the focus deters from you to the print on your shirt.

what to wear to your senior portrait session

what to wear to your senior pics

what to wear to your photo shoot
Button-Up Shirt

Guy, let’s step it up for one outfit beyond the jeans and t-shirt. Bring a button-up shirt

What to wear to your senior shoot

Senior pics for guys

Spokane senior portraits
Long sleeve shirt/Cardigans/Sweaters

Its fun to bring those cuffs up around your face to give a comfy and warm feel.

what to wear senior pics

what to wear to your senior session

What speaks warm weather and fun better than a cute sundress? Be sure to pay attention to the straps, how it fits you on top, and the length. There are only so many poses we can do with a skirt or dress that barely covers our bottom.



Formal Dress

Why not take the dress out of the closet for one more event? We can go fun and light, or glamorous and dramatic! Formal dresses can be a great flare to help you figure out what to wear to your senior photo shoot!


Letterman’s Jacket

We all know those jackets cost a pretty penny, bring it! Just another way to showcase your awesomeness!



If you normally wear bracelets, necklaces, earrings and sport a hat or belt…be sure to incorporate these! Your senior portrait session is a great excuse to jazz it up even more if you’d like. Know which necklace and earrings you will wear with each outfit and have it all planned out and organized well before your session. If you don’t normally wear accessories, then don’t go overboard. The photos are about YOU. If your style doesn’t scream fashion, then don’t wear attention-grabbing accessories as it will take the focus away from you.







This is a super easy way to throw in a pop of color without an entire wardrobe change





Be sure to bring the appropriate pair of shoes for each outfit. We would obviously wear a different pair of shoes for a casual outfit than a more formal one. If you are planning on wearing heals, bring flip flops to walk around in. We typically walk a mile or two during our session, give your feet a break!





Obviously we do not want to get too crazy with our prints, but a nice mix of solids and prints can be very fashionistic!





Super fond of a particular sport? Are you known for your athletic accomplishments? Maybe wearing your cheer uniform or team jersey fits right up your alley. Show it off! Be loud and be proud!





baseball-senior-pictures-spokaneI hope this post helps you choose what to wear to your senior portrait session! Of course these are just the staples, and there are so many more options and combinations, but hopefully this will get you started!
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