Location Importance for Senior Portraits.

If you could pick one location to represent who you are, where would that be? Believe it or not it is officially time to lock in your slot for senior portraits.  It feels early, but I am already getting inquiries for prospective times and a few sessions have already been scooped up.   As you begin to think about when you will fit in your portrait session during your busy summer schedule, also start to think about where you want your shoot to happen.

The places you get your images taken are just as important as the quality of the images.  Picking a location that will bring back memories of who you are as a high school student will enhance your senior portrait experience even more.  Senior portraits not only capture what you looked like as you round off your high school career but they also show a representation of who you are.  We want to pick locations and props that demonstrate your passions and how you spend your time.  Life after high school rapidly evolves and your time is pulled in new directions.  Senior portraits should honor you now and show case the foundation you have built to make your life what it becomes.

I recently had the opportunity to help Elisabeth lock some of her strongest memories into images at Camp Spalding.  She spent time there every summer as a camp counselor and made profound connections with friends which she will cary with her for the rest of her life.  Each time she looks at her senior portraits she will be reminded of the feelings she experienced and the calm it brought her to be in this breath-taking location.  I also recognized that Elisabeth was just so natural in this environment and it was apparent that this place was her place; it is who she is.  They turned out so well.


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