Location Ideas for Seniors

Senior photos can be overwhelming if you do not know how to approach them.  I usually meet with seniors before we shoot to decide on our game plan and come up with location ideas. It is so much easier if you show up with an idea in mind of what you want your images to feel like, or on the flip side, what you DO NOT want.  Often the feel of a picture begins with the setting. So, where do you want to go? Such a simple question but often difficult to answer for such an important image that will follow you through your life time!

For this reason I have decided to compile groups of images for you to peruse.  When you look through these I want you to notice how each group “feels”. Every section has a different vibe, and each senior takes that vibe and makes it their own.  Can you see yourself in these locations? How will you make them your own?

Location Ideas 1: Wide Open Spaces

I am often asked to create the soft and gentle look of unkempt wheat fields in the fall. Something magical happens when the wild grass turns into a country play field as the sun goes down.  Do these images speak to you?

Location Ideas 2: City Life

City images offer the strength of brick and cement. I often take students here that enjoy more of the pop culture lifestyle and feel a pull towards the city lights.  I know some great location ideas in downtown Spokane that will give your pictures that big city and urban edge to shout, “Look out world! I am on my way.”

Location Ideas 3: Water

Seniors that flow with life and feel peace near water and nature often want serenity and harmony in their images.  The water reflection offers an amazing balance between your life today and that of your dreams.

Location Ideas 4: Woods and Nature

Another element that offers all of the amazing qualities a photographer looks for; balance, strength, and warmth, is anywhere that highlights our trees of the great northwest. Nothing will remind you more of home while you attend your freshman year of college!

Location Ideas 5: Studio

If you enjoy simplicity that just shows you and all your spunk we can stay indoors and use the studio. We keep it simple typically using a white or brick background, but can get super creative if we come up with unique ideas.

Location Ideas 6: Flowers

Spokane is a wonderful place for flowers and greenery.  Our city boasts a wonderful 87 city parks that provide great location ideas! We can find a tidy garden of color all in a row, or wild flowers within short walks of each other. Also, when the summer finally hits we are lucky to have a city that fills the streets with overflowing baskets. The time of year or season is crucial for capturing the type of flowers you want, so plan early and let’s decide if you need to shoot in June or September!

Location Ideas 7: Memorable Hot Spots

We can also utilize locations that have highlighted your high school career.  Where did you spend most of your time? Some of these could be your school gym, bleachers, locker room. Or maybe it’s a diner, coffee shop or book store. Ask yourself what location will mean the most to you when you look back and remember your Alma mater.

I hope my collages of past work spark some excitement and help offer unique location ideas for your high school senior photo shoot. Pleas feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. Click here to see more Senior Photos. If you would like to check my available packages please visit the Pricing page on my website.

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