A Stunning Spokane Courthouse Wedding

Sometimes simple is just right.

My old classmate, Lallah, had simple in mind and it was perfect for her and her groom Aaron.  She called just a couple weeks before her wedding day and asked me to be a part of her special, small, and classy day.  I had to say yes, so I put it on the calendar and was ready to help them remember their beautiful day.

Their location was the Spokane courthouse, which is an old architectural dream of a building, giving us some great photographs in the room that they were wed, as well as, capturing the detail of the structure itself outside as they walked hand in hand.  There were a select few at their intimate ceremony, which was all they needed.  The love between the two of them was felt the minute we walked in the room and was evident when I spoke to anyone about their relationship.  It was so sweet. They weren’t there to have a gigantic party or too many people, it was all about them, their love for each other and their commitment to each other from that day forward.  To add to their intimate, classy wedding Lallah’s father brought his classic Pontiac to chauffeur them from the courthouse to their reception location.  Their reception was at Luna restaurant on Spokane’s south hill, which was chosen because that is where they first met.  True romantics, to bring it back to where they first lay eyes on each other.

The details in this stunning wedding were flawless, from her out of the ordinary classy floral dress and perfect string of pearls to the different shades of purple in the flowers, it just worked.  This bright day fit their personalities as individuals and as a couple and I was so happy to be a part of this special group of family and close friends to help them remember their perfect wedding day.

Menu for Love

Crystal Clear

Intimate Setting

Perfect Portrait

Clean Lines

Perfect Shadow

Together we Stand

Taking a Moment

A Piece of Art

String of Pearls

A Ring on Her Finger

Laughter and Rings

Smiling Embrace

First Kiss

Dipped in Love

Knotted Love

Amid the Green

Ladder of Life

A Simple Family

Shades of Blue

To find more information about having your special day at the Spokane courthouse go to www.spokanecounty.org.  If you are also interested in an intimate yet formal reception for your wedding or even your rehearsal dinner check out Luna Resaurant on Spokane’s south hill.

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