An Apple Orchard Country Wedding

There are so many perfect places to get married in the Spokane area, and this unique spot was one that was breathtakingly beautiful.

Bride Tami and her groom Ryan wanted to get married outside in a beautifully natural location and they did just that.  They got married with the perfect weather gracing the day in Colville, WA which is north of Spokane, on an apple orchard.  The old white country home with the large wrap around porch was straight out of a story book and it gave us some great group photographs that we wouldn’t have been able to get elsewhere.  The scenery itself added to the perfect shots that we were able to capture, with the rolling hills and mountain sides behind them, the apples hanging precisely on the trees, the rustic fences and the old barns, this was the picture perfect country style wedding location for Tami and Ryan.

Besides all of the detail around them bride Tami made this day special for everyone, with custom hangers for her bridesmaids to her broach on her bouquet she put her touch on everything.  Her absolutely gorgeous and elegant lace wedding gown gave her the look of walking on clouds as it fell to the soft grass as she walked down her mason jar lined isle.  The groom and the bridal party continued the soft look in linen and flowing coral dresses, it made this sunny day just that much more perfect.

The intimate touches were everywhere.  Their friends and family got involved for the ceremony itself by guiding the bridal party under the orchard trees to the alter, proving to the couple how much they support their love. It was beautiful.  The day was gorgeous and we were able to capture some amazing photos for them to remember their day.  I wish them luck and love in their life together just like all of their guests did that day.

Flying Balloons to Love

Unique Hang

Dresses in the Hillside

A Touch of Coral

Dressed for his Day

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