Boudoir Photo Shoots; Help Celebrate Your Accomplishments!

Boudoir photo shoots are an amazing way to celebrate your physique and body accomplishments.  This type of photo shoot can document successess and even help you obtain new goals!

Motivation is a fickle lover; when you are on and focused nothing can stop you! The feeling of knowing you will succeed is so hot and invigerating. When the healthy eating and exercise groove is disrupted, its often hard to grab back that get up and go. Many of my budoir clients will schedule a shoot with some added time to help them get motivated to obtain goals they have set for their bodies; tone up, lean out or even get an augmentation.  There truly is nothing like pending photos of your body wrapped in sexy lingerie to get that booty to the gym and fat free milk in your latte!

One of my boudoir babes used a shoot to celebrate a mile stone accomplishment on her weight loss journey.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jennifer.  This sexy woman became disabled after a knee injury, which was directly correlated with her body weight.  Her doctors would not perform the necessary knee replacement procedure because Jennifer is so young; instead the treatment plan was weight loss.

In these images Jennifer was celebrating losing more than 85 pounds! This boudoir babe is one who’s accomplishments are extremely inspiring.  She is still working on herself and setting more goals, but this milestone is extraordinary!  Our featured vixen realized that she not only lost weight but also gained a plethora of valuable knowledge and tools that other people need!  If you find yourself needing to dip into some weight loss skills and motivation, first lock in a date for your boudoir photo shoot with me, then go join Coach Jen-integrative Fitness on Facebook and see what this lovely miss can help you with!

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Boudoir poses

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bright and sexy boudoirMakeup by Evelyn Mauro
Hair by Lindsay with Loft 204

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