Sexy Boudoir and Hands!

While you are mentally preparing for your sexy boudoir photo shoot I want you to consider your hands. Your entire body can look spot on and totally alluring…but if your hands are stiff or placed incorrectly it is a dead give away that you feel uncomfortable. Consider for a moment the most famous image of hands.  Does the Fresco by Michelangelo depicting Adam leisurely reaching out with his index finger to touch God come to mind?  Adam’s muscle-bound figure is aloof and calm, his wrist is bent and everything about him is relaxed. If his hand had been more urgent, like that of the image of God in this painting, what would that tell you about his relaxed body? It would feel off and look like he was faking his physical state of serenity.  Your hands do exactly that in your images!  While we are not painting the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel, we are creating a piece of art that will last beyond your life time. Let’s do it right.

Each image we create together will be purposefully designed to show a specific emotion or state-of-mind.  We will take pictures that show you in a natural and calm form, effortlessly sexy.  With this image your hands need to be relaxed, bent at the wrist and fingers effortlessly dragged over your skin.  Pausing with the tips of your fingers on your lips will draw the eye to that specific and suggestive point.

We also NEED poses that elicit passion!  In these sexy boudoir pictures your hands need to show urgency and desire.  Flexed hands with palms down and fingers up express intensity and heart-racing sexiness.  Balling them into fists, grasping at the sheets or your clothing will show a growing urgency and desire.

Take a look at these images demonstrating well-placed and well-expressed hands.  What messages are they sending?  What do you want to say with yours?

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