Holiday Boudoir Shoot

This next boudoir session is perfect for the holiday season! This particular client was very shy, even though she was one sexy chick! She was a bit self conscious about her skin color.  She expressed several times to me that she wished she had done some fake and baking prior to the shoot, but I reassured her that with my direction and posing, she would achieve that mouth-watering glow that men simply love.

Going into the shoot I knew it would be a difficult one.  I could tell this client would be just a bit stiff, clumsy and awkward.  The hesitation to hold poses for me and work for the shot was a bit difficult to overcome, but eventually we got there!  We ended up with
some truly mouth watering images. One of my favorites being her original packaging that gives that exotic fishnet stocking look!

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Q & A with Kayli & Crystal:

Kayli: How did you meet this client?

Crystal: Funny story actually, we ran into each other at the grocery store. I was shopping for dinner for the family and she recognized me from my boudoir work online and she was very interested in doing a boudoir shoot, so we kinda went from there.

Kayli: How did you prep her for today? Was she nervous? Did she have a lot of questions beforehand?

Crystal: Yeah, totally typical that we are super nervous. She definitely had some cold feet to start with but I feel like I prepped her by telling her that I give you plenty of direction, don’t expect to know how to do all of the poses, that I am very hands on, and I would definitely help her through the shoot.

Kayli: I know that she asked you your opinion on how to get some color, how did you respond to that?

Crystal: That is a common question by a lot of my boudoir babes. Leaving summer and going into winter we have that concern of tan lines or lack of color. And I told her all natural is always the best. No fake and baking. We can get a little too crispy before the shoot. We want to avoid that.

Kayli: How do you get your boudoir babes to be comfortable in front of you and in front of the camera?

Crystal: Probably the easiest thing is music. I have my go-to boudoir playlist on Pandora which is a mix of Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson, but I really felt this particular boudoir babe really needed to be warmed up so I let her make the choice. And her request was interestingly enough was Turkish Radio

Kayli: I know you normally send out a questionnaire beforehand, what was she confident in?

Crystal: I really love this answer! She said her thighs and her breasts! She said that she gets plenty of compliments from plenty of people that they very much enjoy her thighs and her breasts both equally!

Kayli: One of your other questions is on a scale of 1-4, 1 being safe, and 4 is calling the fire department. How did she respond?

Crystal: Well she said she definitely didn’t want any smoke alarms going off, that was a big no-no. So we kinda scaled it back and went to about a 3.

Kayli: Why is she doing this boudoir shoot?

Crystal: She explained to me that she has this event coming up, its pretty big for her. She explained that she is going to be showcased as a centerpiece in front of a large group of people and she wants to impress them. She wants to show the progress that she’s made up until this event. In her exact words, she “wants to be mouth wateringly appetizing.”

After our work was done, this boudoir babe got all dressed up and went home to get a bit more brown.  From our families to yours – Happy Thanksgiving, and THANK YOU for your trust and allowing me to be a part of your world.

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