Mini or Full Boudoir Session?

While working on editing my marathon weekend of boudoir mini photo shoots, I started thinking that perhaps I should share with you the difference between a mini photo session and a full session.  My “mini” sessions were offered as promotional packages only.  I used these promotions to mix things up and lure in some new clients that may be hesitant to pull the trigger and book a full session.

I am very pleased with how well the mini boudoir shoots went and the great interest it drummed up about boudoir photo sessions!  We captured some very tantalizing images!  With that said, I need to tell you that it is always best to go with a full session.  Which is why I have taken mini-boudoir sessions out of my toolbox.

As far as getting ready; hair, make-up and a relaxing glass of champagne, there is no difference between the two.  What it really comes down to is the amount of time spent actually shooting.  A mini session is 60-minutes or less and a full is at least 120-minutes.  You may think that this just means less clothing changes and less images to choose from.  That’s not the case.  The amount of time it takes to get comfortable with the shoot, to relax and let your sexy-self out to play is better attained with the full boudoir session.  I am able to get to know you better and am able to direct you in ways that I just cannot with a shorter session.  Your style and your comforts are more clear.  Often I find that the absolute BEST images come towards the end of my sessions.  With the mini’s you don’t always get the chance to get to those poses, you get some damn hot ones, but I know you can take the shoot further into the depths of your suggestive goddess.  If you know that you are shy, or that posing for a photographer in scantly clothes just isn’t your “thing,” then you need to go with a longer session.

A great example to show you is Ms. C. She described her self as a type of person that struggles to take direction.  She also stated that she wasn’t “the most feminine” gal out there.  She shared with me that she rarely wears make up, or dresses up in “girly” stuff.  She spends her days building with her hands at a labor intensive job.  Her hands proudly wore the evidence of a physically strong and more than capable female.  Ms. C booked a full session after researching other mini-session options, and we started out just as this rough-and-tumble beauty predicted.  But at the end of our 120-minutes I found her!  I found her sultry sexy vixen.  Together we created some of my best ever boudoir images!  I am so excited to share these with you, and extremely thankful that she gave me permission!

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Hair by Loft 204
Makeup By Evelyn Mauro

Spokane Boudoir Photographer

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