I Like Big Butts And I Cannot Lie… A Collection of Beautiful Boudoir Bottoms

The female body is an amazing piece of art, there are so many beautiful shapes and sizes. I absolutely love doing beautiful boudoir photo sessions, it is an honor to be included in such an intimate gift and to help ladies show their personalities on film (or digitally these days!). I find that I am most passionate about my work when there is high contrast and edge in the art. I love dynamic lighting with the deepest darks and brightest whites. I also love to work with shape.spokane-boudoir-photographer
best-boudoir-posesI often find that the curve of a bottom can add a serious zing to a boudoir collection. I can’t explain it, but I know how to shoot butts! I know how to light them, pose them, arch them and flatter them.

When ever I get the opportunity to hear from someone that has received boudoir photos as a gift they often comment on their ladies’ rear end. It doesn’t matter if you have a large bubble, or a small handful, you can bet your lover will love a nice shot of you moving away from the camera. best-spokane-photographers

Lets take a moment to celebrate one of our strongest and largest muscle groups with these images from several of my lovely clients. Each lady has such a different look, and each is someone’s spice in life!

During your boudoir photo session we will work with your body to put you in the pose that works with your shape and accents your sexiness. Some women work well with a tummy position with a popped up rear, or on all fours. No matter your body style, we find the best pose that pops that booty.

spokane-boudoir-photosThese beauties were so soft and sensual, hands and lace naturally draw the focus to the derriere.
boudoir-posesWe have been shaking them, dropping them and popping them for ages. Wrap them up in something suggestive and its no wonder they have been revered and celebrated by famous artists in all genres. The poets, the painters, and song writers all say it so well. The female butt is kind of a big deal.

Heinie, caboose, tushy, buns, money maker, tail feathers…whatever you call it, I can shoot it! Kim Kardashian ain’t got nothing on your beautiful boudoir bottom. I cant wait to get your butt in the studio and document just how lovely those curves are!

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