Creative Wedding Photography-Kristin & Dan

I probably performed the most dramatic wedding photography during this wedding than any of my others this year. Kristin and Dan allowed me to dedicate an entire hour to just the two of them which gave me the chance to bring out my lights and experiment as much as I wanted.
Their wedding took place in Ritzville, WA. I believe most of us from Spokane know that Ritzville offers a Zips, Starbucks and gas right off of the interstate exit, but if you drive not even 3 minutes north, you will find a historic downtown filled with beautiful buildings and structures. As soon as my eyes fell upon the abandoned buildings, a stationary caboose, and ornate light poles my mind was filling up with stunning wedding photo opportunities! The only thing that could have made me more excited was warmer weather so we wouldn’t freeze our tail feathers while achieving these awesome images.
Not only did we have downtown Rizville to play in, but we had a late 1950’s Studebaker Silver Hawk to strike a pose next to. We scored one of my favorite dramatic wedding images next to this beauty.
The church ceremony was beautiful, emotional and comical (see photo below). Kristin and Dan were gorgeous, happy, and hysterical. The reception was sparkling, energetic, and according to the DJ (Craig with Milestone Music, the party continued past midnight!! Kristen warned me that her family and friends were partiers, but I had no idea when I left for the night that they would outlast me by more than 3 hours. Must have been that family-made concoction I saw being passed around 🙂
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