Spokane Wedding-Colorful and Carnival Themed

Kim and David began planning their carnival themed Spokane wedding early on. They had every creative little detail planned out, even their engagement session. They wanted fun and colorful engagement photos to insert into their custom invitations, which of course were oversized tickets carnival tickets. Kim had them made by a Spokane wedding invitation specialist Custom Wedding Invitations. I had heard about Carrie’s work, but hadn’t seen one of her invitations in hand yet. When I got my hands on one, I was blown away! The creativity and customization was phenomenal! The awesome wedding details did not stop there. When I stepped into Spokane wedding venue La Belle Vie, I immediately smiled. Everywhere you looked, there was a carnival themed detail. Kim had a candy bar station with miniature boxes to fill, a photo booth provided by Flat 4 Photography, a room exclusively dedicated to children where they could play ring-toss and other games, bouquets of balloons in the ceremony/reception hall, handmade pennants and banners, old-fashioned Coca-Cola bottles accompanied with carnival themed food for dinner, and so much more!
Once Kim had finished preparing on the morning of her wedding, we drove out to Coeur d’Alene for the revealing photos and formal wedding photos. Kim knew the local park had a great playground which was crucial for her bridal party pictures. While the wedding day was the wettest wedding I had shot in 2012, we scored some beautiful (and fun) images. The bridal party played on the hang-n-rotor, climbed the wooden fortress and even played tug-o-war with the bride and groom. I have to say, this collection of Spokane wedding photos is the most fun I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. Once we completed the bridal party photos, Kim, David and I spent some quality time photographing just the two of them. One of my favorite photos is of Kim and David embracing under an umbrella as they look out over the beautiful Coeur d’Alene Lake.
Of course the fun did not stop there. The music choice for walking down the aisle was not your typical selection…again, made me smile. I love when couples go out of their way to show off their unique personalities. The reception was pumped full of energy with the help of Craig with Milestone Music and I got my fix of a bridal party Gangnam Style dance.

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