Discovering Secret Sexy Superpowers

As I have said before in my posts, all women and bodies are different. During boudoir photo sessions I try to capture each lady’s unique sensuality. Without my boudoir clients telling me, I am usually able to pick out what they feel is sexiest about themselves. Their hands drift to that area, or they present it more predominantly in poses. It is kind of like their secret sexy super power. It doesn’t have to be obvious to be powerful and have serious sex appeal. Some women sport shirts that show off a feminine neck and collar bone, or add a little extra mascara to long lashes. You probably have an area of your body and face that you find most pleasing to look at. Do you dress to accent that specific area, or apply your make up to highlight your favorite feature?


When working with Tori I could tell right away that her hair was where she held a lot of her confidence and power. Almost every pose she would use her hair in some way to accessories her self. It’s easy to see why, those lovely locks are goddess like.



I did not mention this tendency to her during the shoot because I didn’t want to detract from the organic nature of her movements and poses. This shoot flowed so well and she was a natural!


Tori’s hair is so feminine, long and healthy that it is mesmerizing. She piled it up on her head, touched it next to her face and seductively peaked from behind it. Tori rocked that sexy power to accent her amazing body and create some very beautiful images.

Lets schedule a boudoir shoot for you and I bet by the end I can tell you where your power lies!

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