Fun Fall Family Photos In Spokane

My absolute favorite time of year is almost here! We’re already seeing the tops of the leaves on the maple trees starting to yellow and the burning bushes starting to blush a hint of their warm glow of red. There’s no wonder why the autumn season in Spokane is the busiest time for family portrait photographers. Everyone wants to capture those vibrant colors in one of our many flourishing local parks…they provide the perfect backdrop to compliment your family’s spirited personalities and helps capture your vivid memories.

Beautiful Family Photos Spokane

From my experience, Spokane’s best colors are revealed right around Halloween (October 31st). The week before, the week of and the week after Halloween provide superb color on the deciduous trees as well as provides a blanket of golden leaves on the floor (as long as the park’ groundskeepers have not bagged up the leaves yet).  Because there are only a few selected days in the year to capture these colors, photographer fill up insanely fast. I already have 5 sessions booked during those 3 weeks and will book up even faster once the leaves begin to fall. If you’re considering a family session this fall, be sure to act quickly.


Leaf Fight Photo


As always, with my sessions you are guaranteed high-quality images that represent your family’s unique personalities which is brought out by my fun and relaxed charisma.


Mommy & Me Fall Photo

As you can see, any shade of wardrobe looks great in the autumn colors! White, black, brown, earth tones, magenta, blue…anything!! I do recommend trying to coordinate your family’s outfits by wearing the same shade,  hue, or complimenting colors. Planned and thought out outfits look the best :o)

Young Fall Family Photo Spokane

Manito Fall Photo

Colorful Engagement Photos Spokane

Mother and Daughter Autumn Photos

Brother and Sister Fall Photo

Spokane Autumn Photo

Colorful Autumn Family Photo

Mother and Daughter Fall Photo

Canon Park Fall Photo

Couples Fall Photos Spokane

Fun Fall Photos Spokane

Black and white candid fall photos

Finch Arboretum Fall Photo

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