High School Senior Pictures – How to Accessorize for Extra Flare

Over the years I have had the pleasure of taking hundreds of high school senior pictures.  When I first started my business in 2010 I did not remind students to accessorize.  I would talk about clothing choices during our consultations and how to ensure a wardrobe would work with our photo session.  Now, comparing my first few shoots to todays it is clear that accessories are very important to make a picture pop from the page.  These items also are a great way to tie in personality, memories and showcase who you are. An additional bonus; the right accessory can help with insecurities.

Some of my clients have put so much thought into their senior pictures right down to the little details.  One young lady wanted to have her grandmother’s necklace in her pictures.  Her grandmother was such a large influence in her childhood that she wanted to honor her by adding a memory in the images with this piece of jewelry.  It was a great way to make our documentation of her high school self even more special. Every time she looks back at her portraits they will trigger profound feelings, just by adding an accessory.  I enjoy putting that little extra meaning into a well balanced photo.

When planning for your photo shoot, think about what your accessories will say about you and what you feel when you wear them.  Is there a piece of clothing that you wear regularly?  Do you have a pair of jeans that you LOVE, or a hat that makes you feel like a bad ass?  Someday you may not own these items that are so special to you… believe me, you will morn their loss when they are gone.  BRING THESE TO THE SHOOT!  I want you to look good, and I want you to rock YOU.

Take a look at some of my clients that have demonstrated their uniqueness and personality with their accessories. I love the individuality and beauty in each of these high school senior pictures.

Check out a few of my senior portrait shoots for more ideas.

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