Its cake season- The joy of a summer wedding

It is no secret that my favorite summer wedding treat is cake.  Eating wedding cake a few times a week for 3-4 months isn’t necessary the best for my fitness goals.  However, there is nothing more special than a slice of sugary heaven after a long hot day strapped to increasingly heavy cameras and equipment.  I feel that it is important to celebrate the newlywed’s love with a piece, it would be rude to not indulge.  Right?

A couple often spends more time picking their cake than they do rings.  The time spent is for good reason; a perfect cake is the pivotal point in the theme and decorations of the day.  Great aunts and grandmothers will visit the cake to take a peak before the wedding even starts.  Its fun to watch people walk through the reception area and snap pictures of cakes, as though its an honored guest not to be forgotten.  Your cake will be a discussion point for relatives that have not seen each other since the last family wedding.  “Did you see the cake?  Doesn’t it look delicious?  I wonder what flavor it is.”

There are so many amazing bakeries to choose from, millions of designs and just as many flavors.  As you are planning the perfect summer wedding and deciding on your perfect wedding cake try to slow down and enjoy the samples.  You only get to choose one.  Unless of course you choose my favorite flavor… cup.  CUP CAKE! You can use many lovely designs, flavors and colors if you go this route.  I love how one of the most formal events we celebrate has embraced the simplicity of this desert.

In honor of cake season and your wedding here are some images I have captured before cake cutting ceremonies.  Art, decadent flavor, and love; all rolled up into one fine dessert.

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