Kathryn’s Downtown Spokane & Manito Senior Photo Session

As a photographer in Spokane, sometimes the elements don’t always work with you, so you have to work with the elements.  It is a good challenge for both my client and myself, and I am ALWAYS up for a challenge.

When you have the opportunity to work with a challenge driven high school senior, you can work with what you get for the day and come out with some amazing portraits.  Kathryn’s high school senior photo session landed on a windy day, but we didn’t let the wind take away from letting us get some perfect shots, we worked with it and had a great time.

Kathryn was one of the first senior’s I met with this year, but I didn’t get to work with her until near the end of the summer.  The timing was off, but then it ended up being perfect to really capture Kathryn’s personality.  Through working downtown Spokane to posing in one of Spokane’s beautiful parks on the south hill, Manito, we were able to capture Kathryn at her best.  The different texture’s in downtown brought out a fun and energetic side of Kathryn, while walking through the beautiful flowers and manicured trees of Manito park emphasized her grace and beauty as a senior in high school.

I really enjoy being able to photograph high school seniors in completely different locations, and that is what Spokane gives us.  Along with the great locations, working with great seniors makes my job that much better, and Kathryn’s attitude and positive outlook was fabulous.  She was an absolute blast to work with!

Wind Blown Smile

Gated Poise

The Curb in Heels

Polka Dots in Blue

Taking a Moment

Dark blue and Dark eyes

Rough Edges

A Tucked away Path

Amongst the flowers

A bit of Character

Colors Galor

Contrast with flareCrystal
114 W Pacific #209
Spokane, WA 99201

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