Kalina’s High School Senior Photos, Photographer in Spokane

I believe I am one lucky photographer here in Spokane, due to the beautiful and unique locations that I have at the end of my camera lens.

The locations of choice for this sweet, yet sassy high school senior were our city parks. Our parks in Spokane are extravagant and perfect for high school senior shoots every time of the year, so we decided to venture to two of them to make this shoot spectacular.

High school senior Kalina and I went to Manito park on Spokane’s south hill and to Mirabeau park in the Spokane Valley, two of the most well known parks in Spokane, for their distinguishable beauty and stand out features.  The vibrant and rich colors that are found in Manito park will take your breathe away, and that is what Kalina and I wanted in her senior pictures.  While the beauty of the waterfall and natural wilderness found in Mirabeau highlighted her elegance and free spirit, again exactly what we wanted.

I know that in these shots for high school senior Kalina, we truly captured her personality, beauty, and poise with the help of our gorgeous, natural landscape around Spokane.

Smooth GazeA rock of calmTrue PersonalityCheers for the WaterfallThe Green PathArchways of LightDepth and PerceptionFloral Garden in WhiteStunning Black and White


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