Chris’ High School Senior Portraits

Where do you emphasize the passion of a high school senior drummer in Spokane?

I knew the answer was right outside my studio door.  Downtown Spokane.

With the different textures, hidden alleyways, rough streets, and pops of color in mind I met Chris and his mom downtown to truly capture the essence of his style and interest in music.  We found some perfect spaces that brought Chris to life as the contrast of his surroundings melded to his classic and crisp style while still highlighting his musical talent.

One day we might be seeing Chris downtown again, however it might be in the music hot spots instead of on the streets of Spokane looking in.

A Pallet, Graffiti and a high school senior with his sticksPop of ColorThe brick wallThe Gate to the FutureCement and drum sticksGraffiti and a Drum

114 W Pacific #209
Spokane, WA 99201

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