Romantic Spokane Wedding

When I met Morgan and Blake I knew that their Spokane wedding was going to be full of energy.  As we spoke about the size of the bridal party, I was blown away, 22 people, this is going to be fun.  I had never worked with this large of a bridal party, but I was definitely ready to take on this fabulous family.
We started our day at the gorgeous Davenport Hotel.  I was able to be around the ladies in the suite as they did their hair and make up, which is always fun.  The excitement was definitely high and I could really tell it was going to continue all day long.  The bride, Morgan was simply beautiful as she got ready for her big day.  While we were at the Davenport we did Morgan and Blake’s first look, utilizing the stunning ballrooms that were available.  The soft lace curtains that hung off the large, precisely carved walls, were absolutely perfect for their first look, as it gave us romance and elegance.   From there we continued our day at the beautiful and traditional Lady of Our Lourdes Cathedral in downtown Spokane.  This cathedral always takes my breathe away with just how lavish and ornate everything is there.  I love how large the front entrance is because with this big of a group it allows you to do so much.  The backdrop it gives is just beautiful, you really can’t go wrong on those steps.
The ceremony was very sweet, and unique to the two of them while still being a Catholic service.  I was able to capture the special moments between the two of them as they listened to others share their love with them during the service, which was very special to them all.
After the ceremony, we walked the streets with the bridal party capturing some more fun and unique photos and then headed to the Davenport to celebrate the newlyweds.  The party started with a bang and kept going strong with the live band, The Rhythm Dogs, the emotional toasts, and the fun atmosphere.
This wedding was definitely one for the record books and I am so happy for these two.  Congrats and best of luck in your new adventure together.

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Hair by Michelle Hodges
Makeup by Shivonne Roberts and Wesley Elam from Bon Bon Salon
Band Rhythm Dogs
Cake by Just American Desserts

114 W Pacific #209
Spokane, WA 99201

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All Photography and Original Text © Crystal Madsen Photography

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