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I have my own little black book of vendors that I highly recommend.  I share these amazing companies with my brides and grooms when we meet the first time, so they can book some of the best in the business for their special day.  I know that they will be satisfied with their product and services that they receive from them and I firmly believe that if anyone else used these companies for other events, besides weddings, they would not disappoint.  I stand behind this group of vendors because I know from my own experiences with these businesses that they care for their clients and will treat you with the utmost professionalism.  That being said let me get to the meat of it and share these fabulous companies with everyone.

Starting at the grand daddy of my list is Soiree Event Design.  Soiree is owned and operated by two fabulously talented women; Ali Messer & Jessica Sheady.  They are actually my neighbors in my building and are now the managers of the White Room that is located across the street next to the Robert Karl tasting room.  These two work so well together in planning, creating, and designing every detail to a wedding day, it is truly impressive.  They meet with their brides a minimum of 3 times in person and continue contact via email, text and other social capabilities to really get a grasp on the dreams the brides have for their big day.  They work very hard to make that dream a reality.  I have had the privilege to work with the two of them on one wedding, which took place at Trezzi Farm Winery on June 22, 2013 and multiple other events.  The amount of work that was done was simply amazing.  They took care of the set up, the order and timing of the day, assisting the other vendors that came, and having everything set up for easy tear down so no one else had to worry about a thing.  With Ali and Jessica at your wedding the day will be flawless. www.CrystalMadsen.comNext to spotlight is the party starter, Traks DJ Service which is owned and operated by Thomas Shaw.  Located here in Spokane Thomas is brings the fun out of everyone at the reception.  I have seen Thomas work the crowd perfectly in his timing and song choices to keep the party alive during the wedding reception.  He also presents himself and his product incredibly professionally, which is such a great asset because DJ’s really set the mood for a reception.  When he meets with the bride and groom, he truly listens to his couples to know exactly what style’s of music they want at their wedding, and he holds to it.  I am always eager to be a part of a wedding or party that Thomas is the DJ at, because I know it will be an absolute blast which of course aids to my candid photos I am able to capture.
www.CrystalMadsen.comThis next couple are so sweet, kind and all about heart, just like their name Rogue Heart Media.  This husband/wife team take on the world of videography, and they do it with style, class and genuine sincerity.  Much like the others I have in my little black book, Rob and Megan are top notch in communicating with their clients.  Every client that I run into of their past, present or prospective can’t say enough about how amazing they are and the amount of love they put into each couple to get the best of the best.  They build genuine relationships with their clients that keep them at the top of the list in the videographer group.  I also really like that fact that they area always eager to learn and work with new techniques and tools on the market.  They don’t settle, which is an amazing quality to have in the Spokane wedding world.  I know that Rogue Heart Media will continue to be at the top and I am so looking forward to experiencing them in action more.

You definitely can’t have a wedding without hair and makeup, and my top three are Evy from Makeup by Evelyn Mauro for makeup,  Stephanie at All Tressed Up, and Ashley from Embellish Salon and Spa.  These three women can and do knock it out of the park when it comes to making you look and feel gorgeous on your big day.  They are all so excited to work with the bride and her bridal party on their day and they really listen to what everyone wants, making sure they still feel like themselves.  With Evy, she is always so cheerful and personable with the brides keeping the feeling light and fun while she works her magic.  I love the results with Evy because she gives each woman that glow and confidence that they desire on their special day.  As for Stephanie and Ashley, they both work so well with me and with the ladies of the day.  They create some stunning hairstyles that work perfectly with each woman that sits in front of them.  They both have the desire and drive to be there and it shows in everything they do.  These three women are amazing and continue to shine in their talents.
Stunning WeddingNow, what wedding doesn’t have some flowers?  I think every single one has at least one bouquet, and there are two fabulous florists that I really enjoy working with and seeing what new, edgy creations they present to the brides.  Erica from Erica’s Expressions and Coeur D’Alene’s Floral Design come up with some of the most unique, personalized and spectacular floral designs that I have ever seen.  They again listen to the desires of their brides and make it happen, even if they haven’t ever used something before, they are willing to give it a go and make it spectacular.
Erica's Expressions001 Floral - Design002Finally, is one of my favorite aspects of a wedding, the dessert.  I have two top places in my black book and they are; Happy Cake Co. and Decadent Dreams.  Talk about delicious!  Owned and operated by Diane Hanson, Happy Cake designs some impressively elaborate wedding cakes that taste amazing.  They all work so hard there in creating that vision for each couple for their wedding day, and they do a beautiful job.  On the other side, is the unique, fun and creative dessert option from Miranda at Decadent Dreams.  This is a different direction to take on your wedding day, but is can add a lot of flare and fun into your wedding reception.  Miranda’s creativity in desserts is very appetizing, and I think everyone that tastes her treats will definitely go back for seconds.  I do. Happy - Cake -Co002 Happy - Cake -Co003 Happy - Cake -Co004Crystal
114 W Pacific #209
Spokane, WA 99201

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