15 Sexiest Boudoir Photos of 2021

You’re about to see the sexiest boudoir photos of 2021, but keep in mind you’re not seeing them all. We keep the hottest and most sizzling photos top-secret for our clients and their partners.

To qualify as Spokane’s sexiest boudoir photos, the image needs to not only raise one eyebrow, but two. It’s more than suggestive. The photo tells the viewer how the subject feels and what’s about to happen next. Hand placement does not happen on accident. Where my boudoir babe’s gaze leads the viewer’s eyes is purposeful. The shape of the lips and mouth are not happenstance. Everything about my boudoir photography is carefully calculated to create personal and sexy pieces of art.

You can view my 2021 best boudoir photos here. They’re a little more tame, but just as classy and just as beautiful

Thank you to my boudoir babes who gave permission for their photos to be shared. Please know that I never use photos without my clients’ permission. It would be difficult to grow awareness of my business without sharing real (opposed to models) photos. I would also like to extend my understanding for those that choose not to share their photos. Much respect to you ladies!

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We shoot boudoir sessions for you foremost. When you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and show yourself that you are a sexy mother, I’m ready for you. Watch a short video and view pricing here.

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