20 Best Boudoir Photos of 2021

Each year I attempt to choose the 10 best boudoir photos out of the thousands of images delivered to my clients. Sometimes I am successful, but more times than not I allow myself to get “too busy.” This year my initial favorites collection of my boudoir babes contained 98 photos…obviously way too many to share and blog. Trying to cut down 98 boudoir photos to only 10 was too difficult this year. Therefore, I am sharing 20 of my top boudoir photos of 2021.

The criteria to make the list of my best boudoir photos includes quality of lighting, unique poses, class and beauty. But most of all these images portray women who exude confidence. These aren’t necessarily my most sexiest boudoir photos of 2021, but you can see those here!. These were hand selected to show the beauty of a boudoir session. I also hope that they show the trust and confidence that my clients invest in my skills as a Spokane boudoir photographer.

What makes a great boudoir photo? That’s not an easy question to answer. It can be fantastic eye-contact. A suggestive pull of lace. A sudden and natural laugh. A close up of a wedding ring. Or displaying a pose that not very many women can pull-off. Or, it could be none of these. These 20 images are simply a very small fraction of my favorite boudoir photos of 2021.

I’ve changed my tag-lines, descriptions and my summaries in 2021 to better describe why I shoot boudoir in Spokane. 10 years ago when I first started photographing boudoir sessions, it was for the beauty and timelessness. Over the years, it has evolved into providing a powerful moment in a woman’s life to help show her what she hasn’t seen with her own eyes yet…or maybe what she hasn’t seen in a very long time. We are taking your power back in my downtown Spokane boudoir studio!

I would like to extend a very loud thank you to my boudoir babes who gave permission for their photos to be shared. I never use photos without my clients’ permission. It would be difficult to grow awareness of my business without sharing real (opposed to models) photos. I would also like to display my understanding for those that choose not to share their photos. Much respect to you ladies!

office boudoir with glasses
best boudoir photos of 2021
beautiful young bride posing for a bridal boudoir in spokane
a black woman posing for a boudoir photo in front of a window
spokane boudoir photo of a big girl wearing lingerie from LIA
black and white boduoir photo of a close up of a wedding ring
funny boudoir photo of a curvy woman eating sour patch kids candy and laughing
Sexy boudoir photo of a woman wearing a white button up shirt
Curvy boudoir photo of a voluptuous woman wearing socks that say fuck u
black and white boudoir photo of a laughing bride
beautiful winter boudoir photo of a woman blowing glitter in a stocking hat

I shoot boudoir sessions for you! When you’re ready to take your power back, I’m ready for you. Watch a short video and view pricing here.

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