Don’t forget The Shoes

While you are picking out clothes for a boudoir photo session I want to remind you to remember the importance of shoes! Believe it or not, men love women’s shoes and they notice them in your photos. The perfect shoe can complete a look. The shoe, or lack thereof, will also change the way your body looks in some of the poses I will put you in.

Lets take a look at a side by side comparison of a hot bodied lady standing barefoot, and the same gal standing in a 3-inch heel. If you notice her booty pops up more with the shoe on, which creates that curvaceous bubble that draws in the eye. The shoe also changes the way her legs look. She appears to have longer gams and her calf muscles are much more defined. However the image with nude tootsies gives off a softer feel, which is very comfortable and inviting.

Here the feet are simply crossed behind her while she lays on her stomach, and the shoes are still powerful. They are a part of her costume and add an amazing little detail that is associated with femininity and hotness.

Interestingly, I did notice while I was doing these comparison photos that my client’s energy changed. With her heals on, her eyes were more aggressive. They made her seem like a ravishing man eater of a woman! Look at how edgy this image is!

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My boudoir photo shoots are purposeful in all aspects. We will be setting the mood for your images from your bed head, that suggests a sexy romp, to your dolled up toes. Whether you choose strappy shoes, platforms with a spike, fuzzy boots or go shoeless take a moment to think about what message your feet send to that lucky person who gets to delight in your photos!

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