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Sensuality is everywhere. Movies, video games, commercials, magazines, billboards, social media…it is literally all around us, everywhere we look. It grabs our attention with the intention to sell us a product, because sex sells. Ever stop to ask why? Why are we so affected by the sight of a scantly clad body, a smoldering gaze, or the implied feeling of raw passion?best_spokane_boudoir_photography_03

The human body is an immaculate piece of art. Locking eyes during a shared, intense moment spikes our adrenaline. The aching need to be close, and to never be separate again is heart-pounding. We are human, and it is beautiful.

Now think about combining all of these images and emotions into an intimate little book. A book that grabs your partner at the chest and has them reveling page after page; absorbed in your art, your confidence and your passion. Showing your partner how confident and beautiful they make you feel is an amazingly emotional gift that isn’t only for them. It is for you as well.

best_spokane_boudoir_photography_15Proudly displaying your curves.best_spokane_boudoir_photography_09Showing just a bit of that sexy hip that he loves to nibble.best_spokane_boudoir_photography_04Modeling the new lace that you haven’t worn in the bedroom yet. And smiling with the boost of confidence you will have each time you wear it from here on out.
best_spokane_boudoir_photography_01Capturing the light slip across the muscle of your back.best_spokane_boudoir_photography_07This boudoir photo session is not just a few pics for your partner. It is an experience that will give you a new level of confidence. Being able to see yourself in the same way as your partner does will fill you with a new opinion of yourself: You are art. You are passion. You are beautiful.best_spokane_boudoir_photography_14
Let’s get this sexy little appointment rolling in-time to give him his next gift!

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