Boudoir – The Sultry Side

I find that often boudoir photography is too obvious, and leans heavily on the gentleness associated with our gender. Shoots of this nature usually depict a beautiful lady lounging in lace or silk with soft lighting. In my opinion, we are so much more. While we are soft, we are also sensual creatures. We are delicate but also curvy and so powerful.

With my boudoir sessions it is the goal to capture that sultry temptress side, the playful vixen. I like to take my clients and wrap their beautiful bodies with edgy light and put them in alluring poses. I seek the commanding eyes and sly playful smiles that are often hidden from everyone but their special someone. When clients leave my studio they are bubbling with confidence and excitement, this is due to unlocking and documenting just how sexy they are.

Meet Issie! She is a beautiful woman who is obviously confident in her tattooed skin. She radiates sexy and it was very easy to get the images I was looking for while working with her. She plans to use the photos we created as a gift for her fiancé.


Isse and I worked together to create movement and passion in a still frame.



With the use of her clothing choices we were able to reach both her risqué side with the black strapy number and her sweet side with the white lace.


I absolutely adore the contrasting shadows on her curves.







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Spokane Boudoir Photographer

Hair & Makeup By Evelyn Mauro

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