Spokane Convention Center Wedding

This Spokane Convention Center wedding is definitely in my top 10 for the year. Not only was the couple over-the-top genuine and appreciative, their families were just the same. Being welcomed into two families with open arms on a wedding day is one of the best rewards as a wedding photographer. Stress levels can run high on the big day, but when I can feel the evident respect and trust from everyone around me, the stress is almost non-existent. So I thank you Mummas and Bergers, you guys were the best!! You provided the perfect environment to achieve beautiful wedding images for Kylie and Ryan. Now, onto the details of this picture perfect wedding day! Kylie and her bridesmaids started out at the Glen Dow Academy to have her blonde hair tussled up delicately by Sadie Clemenson. When Kylie asked my opinion whether or not she should don the jewel encrusted headband, my response was, “Absolutely, a bride can never have too much bling!” Next stop was to visit the talented Julie Farley with The Makeup Studio. But first we had to snap a candid photo of all the girls sporting their custom-made bridesmaid tanktops on the streets of downtown Spokane. After Julie touched Kylie with her skilled gift of makeup-artistry, we headed to the final destination for our Spokane Convention Center Wedding. This was my first ceremony that took place on the floating bridge of the Convention Center, and I loved it! The bridge created an intimate seating area for family but still allowed for a phenomenal view for the hundreds of other guests seated behind them. Kylie chose an elegant alter piece from Belle Journeé Events to accentuate the focal point and the entire ceremony was lit by the evening summer sun. Breathtaking. The vast venue was decorated with precise care thanks to Beth and Lauren with Design By Occasion. There were floral arrangements at every step and crystals on each table to help glamorize the day. These two women expertly coordinated the design and flow of the day with perfection! Although the hot summer temperature did not drop off once the sun went down, we still partied and celebrated the couple’s union on the Spokane Convention Center Rooftop. Lance with Big Show Mobile Entertainment provided one of the best lighting set-ups I have seen at the convention center. A custom monogram embellished the dancefloor and the tents were splashed with Kylie and Ryan’s wedding colors. This definitely set the expectations of a party to remember. Once the dance music began, there was no stopping this group…until of course closing time came. We saw Kylie and Ryan off with a line of their closest family and friends showering them with confetti as they shouted their congratulations and love. A perfect ending to a perfect day. Congrats you two!! xoxoxo Wedding details Wedding Shoes Wedding rings with bouquet Wedding Preparation Mother of the bride Bridesmaids Wedding Preparation Photos Intimate wedding details photographers in spokane 1st look spokane Spokane Convention Center Wedding Carousel Wedding Photo ariel wedding angle Beautiful Wedding Photos Spokane summer wedding spokane Spokane Convention Center Wedding Spokane Wedding Spokane-Wedding-Photographers_011 Riverfront Park Wedding Bouquet Face groomsmen sunglasses String Quartet Spokane convention center weddings Spokane Convention Center Wedding Gives this bride away laughing bride Photojournalistic weddings Spokane Convention Center Wedding summer wedding in spokane photojournalistic wedding Spokane Convention Center Weddings Spokane photographers Special wedding photos spokane Big Show Mobile Entertainment Wedding sparkly wedding details Unique Wedding Photography 1st dance wedding wedding receptions wedding toast Colorful Weddings Spokane bouquet toss Spokane Wedding Photographers Grand wedding Spokane Convention Center Weddings Sunset in spokane


Hair: Sadie Clemonson sadieandjanie@aol.com Glen Dow Academy

Makeup: Julie Farley The Makeup Studio

Flowers: Garden Spot Floral

Coordinator: Desing By Occasion

DJ: Lance Big Show Mobile Media

Props/Rentals: Belle Journeé Events

Venue: Spokane Convention Center


Spokane Wedding Photographer

Crystal Madsen Photography


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All Photography and Original Text © Crystal Madsen Photography

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