Wedding GIF Bloopers

When we have time at a wedding, I’ve been trying to create a GIF for your viewing pleasure…and of course for experimenting. These two GIFs were a riot to create. They didn’t exactly turn out how I had imagined, but I think they may be better thanks to our goofball best man 🙂 Therefore, we now have a category for Wedding GIF BloopersFun Bridal Party PHotos This one was suppose to be a simple motion GIF where each member did the wave while the others watched, I’m kicking myself for not shooting more of their laughter! WEdding Gifs

Now this one, my biggest mistake was not grabbing my tripod AND telling Matt to stay in one spot while he danced. I had a hard time keeping the camera still while laughing at this party so had to fill in some background in Photoshop. Not exactly a keeper when we’re talking technical stuff, but the emotion and memories make it a keeper.

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