Stylish Lakeside Wedding

There is something special about a super-small and simple lakeside wedding. This one is no different. I have known Athina for years, our lives crossing in the mortgage industry. Back then her girls were still in elementary school, bringing their book bags to the office, and setting up camp in a corner where we’d find them reading a book or drawing. Now, they are both young and beautiful women. When I heard that Athina was getting married, I literally smiled so long and hard that my cheeks hurt, my eyes brimmed with tears, and I got goosebumps. For those of you who know Athina and her girls, you know why this event in their lives is so special. What made me even more ecstatic over the news was the email I received from Athina asking me to be her wedding photographer. I was hoping and crossing my fingers that she would ask, and when she did I was honored. To be asked to join a wedding of literally only 6 people is humbling to say the least. It shows trust and respect to include a photographer to be a part of that selected group.
Now, on to the style of this lakeside wedding! Would you believe me if I told you it was all put together in 12 days?!?! I believe the quote from Athina was, “We’ve both done this before, we saw no need for a big wedding. And we didn’t want to wait!!!” Okay! I’m on board! Athina’s stunning vintage knee-length lacy wedding dress was found on the rack at David’s Bridal. The bridesmaid dresses which were perfect in length, cut, texture and color for each teenager, were found at Francesca’s. Of course you want to know where Athina scored those amazing mint green heals, DSW!! If I remember correctly, Jim already owned the majority of his dashing attire (typical, men are easy to quickly outfit). Although I did hear a sarcastic joke about splurging on the cufflinks 🙂 The final touch of this sunshiny, stylish lakeside wedding was the paper flowers. Straight from our local shop in Spokane, WA aNeMoNe knocked it out of the park once again. The pale pinks paired with vibrant magentas and teals added such life and elegance to the scene.
I love everything about this wedding. I love the story behind it and the friendships. I love the decision to just do it, and to do it quickly with style. I love the location and the intimacy (what says intimate better than daughters as bridesmaids, a good friend as the officiant, and saying your “I Do’s” on the Coeur d’Alene boardwalk?). The thing I love the most is two families becoming one. Witnessing the joy, excitement, and good-humor between the five of them is pure happiness.
I wish you all the best, and thank you again for allowing me to help you document your special day. Jim, Good Luck!Coeur d'Alene Boardwalk Wedding © Lakeside Wedding Details Candid Bridesmaid photos Weddings Coeur d'Alene Boardwalk 1st Look Lace Wedding Dress Wedding Shoes Coeur d'Alene Boardwalk Intimate Weddings Lakeside Wedding Wedding Rings Emotional Weedding photos Confetti Kiss First Kiss Emotional Wedding Photos Outdoor Lakeside Wedding Intimate Wedding Outdoors Black and white wedding photos Romantic Wedding Photos Lakeside Wedding Bridesmaids Spokane Wedding Paper Wedding Flowers Funny Wedding Photos Lakeside Wedding Bridal Party Romantic Lakeside Wedding Crystal Madsen Wedding Photography Lakeside Wedding Romantic Wedding Photos Beach Wedding Coeur d'Alene Lakeside Wedding Swingset Wedding Lakeside Glitter Wedding Lakeside Wedding Spokane Photographer
See Athina and the girls’ fun family shoot we did only months before here!

Lakeside Wedding Vendors

Flowers: aNeMoNe
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Francesca’s
Hair & Makeup: Davenport Hotel Spa

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