Valentine’s Day Wedding

Friday February 14, 2014 brought us the most elegant Valentine’s Day wedding at The Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA. Rachel made it a point to sprinkle elegance over every little detail of her wedding day. From the red rubies sprinkled atop the tables to the hand-made alter dazzled in frosted winter-branches and wicker hearts, each detail was put in place with precise care. Even the wedding cake, provided by Marsell’s, had the perfect hint of lavender in the frosting and glammed with rhinestoned lace. Perfection.
Following the traditional Valentine’s Day color scheme of reds and purples for a wedding at The Davenport Hotel was brilliant. The rich purple of the bridesmaids dresses made the vibrant reds in their bouquets pop to life. Not to mention the red umbrellas that Rachel gifted to her maids just that morning! One of my favorite images is of Rachel and her bridesmaids running across the streets of downtown Spokane sporting their red umbrellas in front of the Bing Crosby Theater. These ladies knew how to have fun, so classic!
While the bride was beyond stunning in her form-fitting elegant gown, and her maids only added to the spectacular scene…one cannot forget the groom. While snapping a few portraits of Tim in the Elizabethan Ballroom in The Davenport Hotel, I remember asking him, “Which brand of suit are we modeling here?” We seriously could have been in the middle of a fashion shoot with these two.
Their day went by perfectly. The ceremony and reception was held in the Marie Antoinette Ballroom which provides for the most grand setting for a wedding in Spokane. The food was immaculate, live music was provided by the award-winning band 6 Foot Swing, and comedy relief was provided by the bride’s father during his entertaining toast which consisted of a hammer and plunger…you had to be there.
Please take a scroll through their images and relive their day with them!Davenport Hotel Wedding Details Red Valentines Day Wedding Details Spokane Wedding Photographer Details Davenport-Wedding-Spokane001 Valentine's-Day-Wedding002 Valentine's-Day-Wedding003 Valentine's-Day-Wedding008 Valentine's-Day-Wedding004 Valentine's-Day-Wedding005 Valentine's-Day-Wedding006 Valentine's-Day-Wedding007 Valentine's-Day-Wedding009 Valentine's-Day-Wedding010 Valentine's-Day-Wedding012 Valentine's-Day-Wedding011 Candid Wedding Photo Davenport Wedding 1st Look Valentine's Day Wedding Davenport-Wedding-Spokane005 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane004 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane002 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane003 Beautiful Wedding Photography Davenport-Wedding-Spokane006 Valentine's Day Wedding Davenport Hotel Wedding Black and white candid wedding photo Unique Black and White Wedding Photo Urban Wedding Photo Black and White Romantic Wedding Photos Unique Wedding Photos Valentine's Day Wedding Spokane Wedding Photography Davenport-Wedding-Spokane009 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane010 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane011 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane012 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane013 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane014 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane015 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane022 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane023 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane024 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane025 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane016 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane017 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane018 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane020 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane019 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane021 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane028 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane027 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane026 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane029 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane007 Davenport-Wedding-Spokane008
Venue: The Davenport Hotel
Florist: The Davenport Hotel
Dress: David’s Bridal
Makeup: Jamie Couey
Band: 6 Foot Swing

See Rachel and Tim’s Spokane downtown engagement session here!

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