Makeup and Memories for Mom

Spokane Photographer Makeup lessonsMother’s Day is coming up. This means that we (we being Crystal of Crystal Madsen Photography and Evelyn of Makeup by Evelyn Mauro) are extra sentimental and emotional. When that happens, GREAT things begin to stir. We have so much passion for what we do in our careers that we want to share the benefits with our friends, families, clients, fans and strangers! This campaign all started when I, Crystal, hired Evelyn to give my teen nieces makeup lessons. I wanted to give them a head start on understanding makeup product, its purpose, how to apply it, when too much is too much, which colors work great for them, and wanted to give them a fun experience. Shoot, I was 32 when I finally decided to invest in my knowledge in skin care and makeup. I wish I would have cared more when I was a teen and taken better care of my skin! So, we were all in the studio…Evelyn sharing her valuable information, my sister asking questions and soaking everything up that was being taught to her teenagers, and the girls’ eyes lighting up when they could see the makeup enhance their features perfectly. It was such a rewarding experience that Evy and I immediately began texting each other that night sharing our emotions over it. Naturally, because my marketing brain never shuts off, I began spilling out ideas on how we can market yet another piece of our businesses that we love. At first we thought “Teen BFF Makeup Lessons & Buddy Pics.” We were rolling with ideas, props, locations etc. Then we both found ourselves discussing again how much we enjoyed the mother/daughter interaction that happened in my studio that afternoon. There were laughs, words of encouragement, and confidence shining through. True bonding between a mother and her daughters. So many positive elements derived from a simple makeup lesson that we did not expect.

SO, this is what we’re doing: Grab Mom, or grab your daughter(s) and come join Evelyn for custom one-on-one makeup lessons and skin care at Crystal Madsen’s downtown Spokane studio. Evelyn will cover skin-care product and procedure, makeup product, colors, techniques and answer any questions you have all while applying your makeup with perfect demonstration.Spokane makeup_3
Spokane makeup
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After your makeup lesson and application it’s time for laughs and memories in front of the camera! Depending on weather, the 20-minute mini-photo session will either take place in the urban scene just outside of the studio or at a nearby park. We only have a handful of days available to offer this fabulous experience, so act quickly. If you purchase before Mother’s Day we can try our best to email you a gift certificate that you can print and present to Mom on her special day!

Days & Times Available

2:00 Thursday May 19th (4:00 booked)
2:00 Thursday May 26th (4:00 booked)
Saturday May 28th (2:00 & 4:00 booked)

Makeup & Memories for Mom


Makeup lessons, application (for 2 ladies), 20-min photo shoot, and 3 digital images (add on ladies for $55 each)

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Book by emailing Crystal now!

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