Sexy Boudoir Poses, The Back Arch of Pleasure!

When you think of sexy boudoir poses what comes to mind? Cat crawling across a silky bed? A popped up booty? Breast pressed forward? Hands grasping hair in an expression of pure pleasure?  While you are preparing for your boudoir photo shoot and mentally wrapping your head around your sexy, I am going to tell you a secret.  Everything sexy happens with the small of your back.  It starts there.  Always.

When you first met your lover his hand most likely drifted to the small of your back pretty often. It landed there to guide you gently through a door, or direct you through a crowd.  Why not simply grab your hand or link your arm?  Well, he wanted you.  He wanted to know you and feel you.  This man desired to experience you move and shift; intimately.  Your lower back still has that sexy power.  As he grabs you and pulls you in close that is still where his hands land.

While practicing boudoir poses before your session (which you should be doing!) remember to practice moving your lower back and seeing what looks and feels natural for you.  Consider which assets you want to be prominent in your images.  If you find that you want to highlight your breasts, arch your back.  If your man loves your butt, arch your back.  If you want to look like you just experienced the single most satisfying moment of your life… arch your back.

Back arches are incredibly sexy because they leave you the most exposed, with nothing blocking your heart or neck.  Look at these images and pay attention to how inviting and open the women look. They are powerful and vulnerable at the same time, which is SO amazingly hot.  With the right back movement you boldly state, “take me, I am yours”. I’ll offer you a quick disclosure, your lower back will be sore the day after our session!

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