How to Achieve Your Sexiest Boudoir Photos

For the sexiest boudoir photos you need to get your mind wrapped around the shoot ahead of time! The best boudoir photos look like a captured private moment. It is hard for some people to get to that moment inside themselves with my camera clicking away. I want your photos to be the best they possibly can be and the only way for them to be the absolute best is for you to get in the right mindset. For this reason I have some home work for you! Here is your assignment; two weeks prior to your boudoir photo session you have to start these three easy mind workouts!

Achieve the Absolute Sexiest Boudoir Photos by: Paying Attention in the Moment

It’s no secret that your images are for an erotic and sexy surprise or gift.  The best way to make sure they fit the bill is to pay attention when you are in an actual intimate and sexy moment with the person that will be receiving the pleasure of having access to these images.  Without giving you advice for naughty time, I just need to express that it’s important for you to correlate the photo shoot with real life.  Nothing will make your images more powerful and personal than incorporating what naturally happens in the bedroom.  So next time you are in the moment take note of how your body is positioned, what your hands are doing, where you like your hair to fall, how you contort your body in pleasure.  You can also use this in your visualization later!

Not only should you pay attention to yourself, but your partner! How does he react when you hold your hair a certain way? Or when you arch your back in response? Maybe a seductive glance over your shoulder creates a whole new reaction. It is time to take mental notes that can be referred to during your boudoir shoot.

Achieve the Absolute Sexiest Boudoir Photos by: Practicing

When you want to have success at ANYTHING you never walk in cold.  You always practice ahead of time, right?  Well, the same goes for a seductive boudoir shoot.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  Practice making those sultry eyes come alive while you do your makeup in the morning. Take a look at some of my images, pick your favorite ones and actually try the pose.  If you can, do this in a place where you can see your reflection.  Practice moving and notice the angles that you feel most confident in. See how far you can arch that back, lift that booty, and bite that lip. Muscle memory is real!  Practice! Practice! Practice! This will truly make a difference and help you get the sexiest boudoir photos possible!

And if you don’t have the time or desire to practice, that’s okay!! I excel at coaching, demonstrating and instructing. We will work together and make it appear you know exactly what you’re doing in the boudoir studio…even if you don’t. *wink wink*

Achieve the Absolute Sexiest Boudoir Photos by: Visualizing The Goal

The final and most important thing you need to do for the sexiest boudoir photos is give your mind a workout with visualization. This is rehearsal for your brain to get you to that hot moment. Lots of people who need to control their body for success use visualization. Actors, professional athletes, even public speakers use mind games to get them to be their best.

Here’s How:

Pick a quiet time; before bed, in the shower, while you space-off at work. Close your eyes for a few moments and see yourself in the sexiest moments of your life. If you’ve been paying attention and practicing within the last few weeks, this should be easy! Try to visualize the details: the way your eyes look, the way your mouth moves, how your hair lies. What are you wearing? How do you feel? Be sure to do this once more in the morning of our shoot as a final mental dress-rehearsal  I am going to ask you if you did your visualizing before we start!

With all that said I would love to share with you this fabulous boudoir babe Miss Jessica.  I could feel the sexiness sizzling in the air.  Her mind was in the game, her body language was spot-on, and her expressions made these images come alive with pleasure and fun!

Following and practicing these tips will for sure help you achieve the most sexiest boudoir photos during your session. Check out my Spokane boudoir pricing here and scour the blog for more tips such as What to Wear,  and Discovering Your Sexy Superpower.

Hair by Loft 204
Makeup By Evelyn Mauro

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