What to Wear to a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Everybody Has a Sexy Side

If you are one of the ladies that has booked your first boudoir session with me, you may be starting to think about what to wear to your sexy photo shoot. For someone that has done some modeling, or for a gal that has done a boudoir session in her past, clothing choices are easily made. This decision can be a bit more intimidating for ladies that aren’t used to prancing around in negligees while a camera is clicking away. Hopefully this post will help ease any anxiety and get you excited to rock your sexiness in my studio!

Know Yourself and Your Style

The first and foremost thing you need to think about while evaluating what to wear to your boudoir session is what makes you FEEL good. If you don’t feel hot, you won’t be happy with the end product of our time together. Like I have said before, I can doll you up, I can put you in hot poses, but if you don’t feel it then your eyes won’t show the fire we are looking for! So really stop and think about how particular clothes make you feel; consider colors, types of materials, straps, and cut. When you look in the mirror, are you excited to wear it and rock it? Be honest with yourself about your insecurities. We all have them and we all know exactly what they are. Choose items that accent what you love and down play the details that aren’t your favorite. There is something sexy for everybody out there and we all have that sexy super power!

If your tummy isn’t as tight as it once was and is an area of insecurities, consider a flirty negligee that offers soft flowing curves. These negligees can also hold a lot of bosom power at the same time! If you’re blessed with great cleavage, find one that accentuate’s your chest and brings your lover’s eyes to just the right spot.

Check The Fit

The second thing I would urge you to consider is how the material lays against your body.  This is more of a technical consideration. Stand in front of a mirror in your outfit choices and really analyze all the edges. If your panties cut in a bit on your sides it will take away the gentle curve of your figure. Make sure you turn around and check out that booty and your back, because we all know I am going to get some images of that derrière! (Check out the best of my booty pics here.) Lay down, crouch, arch your back…try out the poses you have seen me use that you love.

Same goes for tops. We want to completely fill out the cups, but we don’t want to overflow either. If the wires or boning cut into your sides, try another size or style. If when you bend over your goods fall out, then that will probably happen when I have you on your knees in the studio! That won’t embarrass me, but if will you…you may want to reconsider 😉

Always remember the details in your spicy outfit.  I prefer to see stilettos and feminine heals opposed to chunky heals. Cowboy boots as well knee high boots work well in our shoots. You can read about what sexy shoes can do for your images in my article Don’t Forget the Shoes!

Here are some collections of sexy outfits to help accentuate your most sensual features during a boudoir session. Take note of the cut, size, textures, and materials:


What to wear to a boudoir shoot




sexy lingerie boudoir
boudoir outfits

Be excited about your quest to answer the question; what to wear to a boudoir photo shoot?  Remember, I am just an email, or text away!  I would gladly take a look at your choices and give you my thoughts.

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