10 Top Family Photos of 2021

Choosing the top family photos is always a challenge and quite the process. It’s also a great opportunity to reminisce about the moments that took place during the photo session. My favorite photos always seem to hold emotion and an element of candidness. I adore big smiles, laughs, silly faces and love.

The key to achieving the best family photos is encouraging my subjects to be themselves. When people are comfortable with their photographer, they relax and let their true emotions shine. The more I laugh, the more my subjects laugh. If I encourage silliness, children will display all of their crazy antics. Allowing families to interact with each other provides opportunities to capture their special relationships and closeness.

We have great variety in this collection of my top family photos! From a custom-designed lemonade stand and its adorable entrepreneur, to mature sisters enjoying a laugh over an inside joke. The photo of the two young boys squirming out of their moms’ arms is a perfect depiction of their lives right then in that moment. I have a personal connection to the photo of the grandmother and her four grand-daughters. That one pulls at my heart strings. But the image of the toddler smelling the lilacs with a scrunched up nose is at the top of my top.

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If you’re interested in mini-session promos throughout the year, keep an eye on my promotions link and social media (Facebook and Instagram) for the dates and details. I try to offer two or three fun-themed sets each year that are great for quickly capturing your family’s personality and relations.

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