A Romantic Coffee Picnic Engagement

When Sarah shared with me her ideas for her engagement shoot at her wedding consultation, I was impressed with her ambition, but I had no idea what I was getting into. I assumed we would have one or two props with a blanket and that would simply be it. When I met Sarah and Nate at Finch Arboretum and saw the boxes of props, my excitement level immediately sky-rocketed!!
She had bouquets of beautiful fresh flowers sitting in vases which were accented with little burlap swatches, chocolate flavored scones, old crate boxes, burlap bags filled with coffee beans which were personalized with their wedding date and initials, Mr. & Mrs. coffee mugs, the cutest little burlap penant banner dangling in a picture frame, and so much more! You’ll have to browse at the set to see how many cool little details you can find!
Her idea derived from the process in which Nate proposed to her…by way of a trail of sticky notes leading her to her morning coffee. So not only was her coffee picnic set amazingly cute, but it held meaning and brought it to the level of romantic. We knew we wanted a park setting that had awesome fall colors so we headed to Finch and laid the plaid blanket down to let Sarah get her style on. Of course as soon as we began setting everything up, it began to rain, but there was no way we were going to let that stop us! Sarah had invested too much time & talent to go home, so she and Nate sacrificed wet pants, wet hair and watered down coffee 🙂
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