A Softball Player and Her Senior Portraits

When I get the opportunity to work with a fellow softball enthusiast, I of course get really excited.  To make it even better Brenna came to the photo session with one request.  She wanted to wear her prom dress while in her catcher’s gear.  Perfect!  I was definitely in.

Brenna and I started this beautiful day at West Valley High School in the Spokane Valley photographing some amazing shots under the sun.  We captured her true passion for softball, which you can’t get anywhere else, but the field.  We were able to get some great shots of her purple prom dress blowing in the breeze to show off what was underneath, her shin guards.  It was a true mix of beauty and sport, it worked perfectly.  After leaving the field, we headed to Liberty Lake County Park, where we caught the sun on it’s way to sunset, to snap some more amazing portraits.

It was great to work with Brenna, the sporty side and the beautiful, because with her they go hand in hand.  I hope to hear about her great successes as she knocks it out of the park!

Taking a Moment


Prom and Catching

Sparkles and a Stance

Perfect Smile

A Walk in Water

On the Bench

A Far Away Place

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