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The best family photos are tied to a memory or a strong emotion.  These images last in your heart and bring you right back to the moment they were taken.  Blooper pictures are the most memorable, probably because they are associated with belly laughs as well as frustration!  So today my blog entry is going to showcase the perfectly imperfect family photos.

I was inspired to do this blog entry while taking pictures of a little boy and his mom at Finch Arboretum.  Let me preface with the fact that the three-year-old is working on potty training.  So, when his mother and I crossed messages and instructions on where he should empty his bladder, the result was a pee-covered rock that I had intended for him to sit on.  At first I was so disappointed!  The fall colors mom had hoped for were in the background and the light was perfect for the shot. It was like the rock had been sent from the heavens!  Instead of the perfect picture I had hoped for, I captured a memory for a mother who has been filled with potty-training frustrations and evidence of her struggle. You see, the picture just became so much more than her adorable son. It trapped who he is right now in an image.  I am sure his picture will even tug at the emotions of other parents who have been there.  That’s powerful.

When kids are involved; big or small, there are always bloopers.   Here are some that I hope you enjoy.  Do these images bring up stories and emotions from raising your own babies?

What a super fun winter shoot at Mt. Spokane! We had snow, vibrant clothing, laughs and love which all came together to give us the most perfect portraits and candids.

If you are looking to capture the best family photos and create some lasting memories give me a call and lets set something up!

~Crystal Madsen

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