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Asking our best friends to stand by our side on our wedding day can be one of the most special times in our lives. We are asking them to support this huge life-decision we are about to make AND help us plan for it. There’s a reason why bridal party gifts are a thing.
Choosing the perfect gift to show our gratitude is difficult! We want something that is special, unique, and personable. At the same time we want the gift to be functional. Something that can be used more than just on the wedding day. Here’s an idea! reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to sample their Simply Stemless wine mug and write a blog about it. Heck yes I would, what a silly question!!!
I was impressed from the beginning of the process. Being able to customize the mugs for your bridesmaids is a fantastic perk. You choose the mug color from 5 options, and the text foil color from 7 options. I chose black for my mug and the metallic rose gold for my font.
With all of the do-it-yourself vinyl printing machines out there, I was honestly skeptical on how high the quality would be. I was nervous that the letters would have bubbles or would be lifting when the gift arrived. I’m glad to report that neither took place. The customized wine mug arrived just as described and as beautiful as I had hoped.
Since I am typically a red wine drinker, I wasn’t too concerned with the insulation on my first trial run. I filled my mug with red wine at home that night, placed the lid and enjoyed. Spilling and leaking was my first concern, but the tightly sealed lid did its job. No dribbling when tipped!
The next concern I had was washing the mug. I was afraid that the custom lettering would begin to deteriorate or lift. My first go-around I hand-washed the gift as suggested by All went well. No lifting and no sign of usage!
It took a few months, but I finally made plans to go out to the lake. Which meant I had an opportunity to test the copper coated insulation. Again, I was skeptical. Knowing our weather was going to reach past 90 degrees, I assumed my ice would melt within an hour. I was wrong. My homemade huckleberry lemonade refresher stayed chilled for the entirety of its (or their…I may have had three) life.
Not only did my drink stay cold as promised, when we got jostled in the boat, I didn’t have a mess in my lap! The lid prevented any accidental spills which was fantastic.
This time I wasn’t so diligent on hand-washing the mug. I actually wanted to see if it could stand the test of a dishwasher’s heat, at least once. It did just fine. I’ve only placed it in the dishwasher once and I don’t think I would recommend doing this every time. But on long days…I think it will be just fine to throw it in once in a while.

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I highly recommend heading over to for some great bridesmaid gift ideas! Their quality is great and they have literally hundreds of different gifts. I was just browsing their site and adore the idea of the gift sets!

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