Country Wedding at Red Barn Farms

Warm weather is headed our way and along with it, wedding season! With this exciting realization, I present to you a gorgeous country wedding at Red Barn Farms in Colton, WA.

I feel so lucky to have a career that affords me the opportunity to experience such beauty in both nature and human beings.  With my work I get to bare witness to the most intimate moments that people have and celebrate along side them.  I would like to share with you some images from Cassidy and Cody’s amazing wedding day.  This event was one of the most detailed and pulled together weddings I have photographed.  The couple wanted to bring out their love of country and what better place than Red Barn Farms over looking the Palouse farm lands?  This wedding day could not have been more ideal!  The sky was a brilliant blue, it was warm with a nice breeze and nature seemed to just compliment this couple’s love.

This wedding was honored with a full day of photography to document every special moment. I started out the day with Ms. Cassidy and her line up of lovely ladies.  Her makeup was done by Alyssa Walsh and her hair was designed by Robin Erickson.  These two beauticians created such a perfect look for Cassidy’s big day.  Her makeup appeared light and flawless and her hair a delicious mix between elegant and wispy fun!  Her dress by Celestial Selections both hugged her curves and flowed like a fairytale princess’s gown.  I loved all of the laughter and excitement bubbling from the bridesmaids while everyone was getting ready.

Before heading on to formal images I like to try and capture a bit of the details that make a wedding unique.  Everything was so well though out and fit the theme perfectly. This country wedding at Red Barn Farms was the perfect combination of rustic and elegance. I adored the soft white fabric looped in the rafters of the barn, they were a wonderful contrast between rustic and formal.  The barn doors were open and the natural lighting gave me some great image opportunities.

Formal images were a blast with this bridal party, everyone was relaxed and just enjoyed being with their best friends. The ladies gowns were beautiful, the criss-cross neck line was unique and  fun. I especially liked that the ladies’ flowers (by Sedona Willis) were white and Cassidy’s bouquet a gorgeous array of color.  The resulting balance in the all-ladies photo is so satisfying, I love this image. The fun loving groomsmen were dashing in their bow ties and blue jeans!  The classy black hats and jackets were sharp, rustic and so handsome. I can’t express how much I enjoyed this group of people. I am happy I caught their true smiles and laughter on camera.

This happy couple’s ceremony was full of sweet country love.  The cowboy hats worn by Cody’s groomsmen were removed as Cassidy walked down the flower petal covered grass isle.  Their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. was set with a background of a wheat grass field.  It was simply perfect.

The culminating event, the reception, was a blast!  I always feel like this part of the day is a huge reward and bonus for a full day of emotions and photos.  Top Notch Café provide the tantalizing food and Jeanine Leinweber Burke  decorated the artistic cake.  I joined in and danced with everyone as I took the last few pictures of the day.

Congratulations you guys.  Thank you for choosing me to experience your special day along with your friends and family.

Thank you for viewing this country wedding at Red Barn Farms. I hope you enjoyed these beautiful images!
Crystal Madsen
Spokane Wedding Photographer

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