Difficult Boudoir Poses: Only For The Nimble

As the premier boudoir photographer in Spokane, I’m always looking for new boudoir poses. The research may include being “wowed” by other veteran photographers like Red Bloom Photography and Black Lace Boudoir (only to name a couple of my favorites) or a client bringing me poses they would like to try. Most of the time new and more difficult boudoir poses are created in the middle of a shoot by tweaking a movement here and there to make it a bit more seductive. Which typically means more booty pop! More back arch! More stretching and more strain!

I tell all of my boudoir clients just before we begin the session, “You will be sore tomorrow. If you aren’t, we didn’t pop ‘it’ enough.”

Before we begin any boudoir session, I email my boudoir clients a questionnaire. A couple of the questions asked are “What is your WHY for shooting?” and “On a scale from 1-4, how steamy are we getting?” These questions give me an idea of how seductive the boudoir babe wants to feel and look, which triggers pose ideas. If the answer for steaminess comes in at a 1 or a 2, then we aren’t looking to hang off of the bed upside down with our panties down around our knees. But if we come in at a 4, you betcha that we will be tugging at clothing with that bootie popped as high to the ceiling that our lower back will allow.

Most boudoir poses are easy-peasy. During a boudoir session, I tend to demonstrate the pose that I want my client to do and walk them through it step by step. One way I know that a pose is difficult is that my muscles are fatigued after demonstrating and holding the pose for only a few seconds. If I’m sore after that, I can only imagine how fatigued you ladies are after holding the pose for almost a minute (or more in some cases). I also have an idea that certain poses are more challenging because of the level of coaching required from client to client. Some poses don’t look very difficult in the photo, but the consistent instruction given to get there can be extensive.

What makes a boudoir pose difficult? Typically flexibility, balance and muscle isolation. There are poses that simply some bodies cannot do. And that’s okay!! I’ve made a list of boudoir poses that I have in my toolkit and I counted over 350…we have plenty of poses to try if your body physically can’t bend the way we want it to.

Sometimes all it takes to make a boudoir pose difficult is balancing. Throw on some heals and it gets even more challenging. And guess what happens when we close our eyes on top of that? 5-star difficulty.

The key to successfully posing boudoir clients is creating a comfortable setting to where they are willing to try new things. Generating an atmosphere where we can laugh when a pose doesn’t quite workout is what it’s all about. If you think these sessions are smoldering hot and full of passion…they are far from. We both fall, stumble, and cry out when muscles start spasming. There is quite a bit of laughter and entertainment for both of us.

If you have a boudoir session coming up and are determined to make a few of these difficult boudoir poses happen, start stretching!! I’m not kidding. Try these at home and see what your body can do. Most of the time we just need to limber up and stretch out those tight muscles.

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difficult boudoir poses in spokane
Difficult boudoir poses by crystal madsen photography

When you’re ready to book your boudoir session in Spokane, I’m here for you! And if you need more time, I’m patient 😀 Just shoot me an email with any questions!

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