Don’t Forget This on Your Wedding Day

So in thinking about weddings and continually going through the wedding photographs from this past season, there are specific moments that continue to pop into my head.  These would be the “Oh no, did I bring…?”, “Where is my…?” or “Was I suppose to…?” moments.  Those are the moments that you don’t want to have on your wedding day.  You want to be relaxed and reassured that you have everything to make your day flawless and that everyone, especially the two of you have the time of your life.  In thinking about these questions and concerns that pop up the day of the wedding, I thought what better way to help out future brides and grooms than make a list for you to go over, just as that quadruple check.

1.  The Legal Documentation

This is probably on top of the list in importance following the exchanging of vows.  Without the signing of the legal marriage certificate that day you are missing that final, yet so important piece, making it legal.Legal Documentation

2. Making and distributing itineraries

Wow, this one is a big deal.  Making sure everyone is where they need to be and in the know, is very important.  This task can be taken care of in that last couple weeks before your big day as you are meeting with your photographer, florist, venue coordinator, DJ, and the other vendors involved in your wedding day.  You will wan to send a copy to everyone and to your bridal party, so everyone is where they should be on time, because that is definitely one thing you don’t need to worry about, someone missing in action.

3. Transportation throughout the day

This is something I have noticed can be easily forgotten.  If you have multiple locations for your ceremony, reception, or just for photos, you need to make sure you know who is getting you to each location.  This can be as easy as asking a bridesmaid or groomsman to drive, or getting a vehicle arranged from the hotel you are staying at.Beautiful Castle Wedding

4. In charge of food/snacks for the days preparation events

Eating is often a forgotten idea as the day is just moving from one thing to another, and there is always great food at the end of the day, but to make it to the end of the day, even the ceremony, you need to eat.  This is a great task that can be handed off to a mother or father.  Some venues do offer food, if you are their the entire day, but it is always safe to have a plan so everyone in your bridal party has something in their stomach, so everyone can make it down the isle.  Fall Color Weddings

5.  Who is going to have the rings

As the tradition goes, the best man is in charge of handing the rings over during the ceremony, but who is going to have the rings before walking down the isle?  What I advice is giving them to a bridesmaid during the pre-ceremony events, handing them off to your photographer for those beautiful detail shots, and then off to the best man.  This is an important one, because you don’t want to have the panic before you take those first steps toward the isle.
Rings on Stone

6. Payment for Vendors

Each vendor is different in their payment plan for their wedding services, as some ask for full payment two weeks before, one week, two days, and some the day-of.  For those that ask for the balance to be complete the day-of, be sure to remember your check book or credit card, so there isn’t any frustration or added angst that you owe a vendor.Spokane Photographers

7. Who is in charge of gathering gifts

As we all know, when you get married, you get a lot of gifts.  But, if you leave before everyone else for the day, what is going to happen to all of the gifts that people so generously brought for you?  You aren’t in charge of that.  This job should be delegated off to someone in the bridal party or a family member that lives in town that can take the gifts to your home the next day or hold onto all of them until you return from your honeymoon.

8. Who is going to help clean up

You had enough stress getting to the big day and all of the little details, don’t stress over having to clean up after the reception too.  A great feature that a lot of venues have to offer is their staff will do the clean up and tear down of your ceremony and reception.  If this feature isn’t added into your venue, just ask your bridal party and family or friends that are willing to help you out so you are able to relax after your special day.  Just remember it doesn’t hurt to ask about this detail.

9. Overnight bag

Don’t forget that bag if you aren’t going home.  Dedicate this task of keeping track of your bag to your maid-of-honor and your best man.  You of course need to pack your bag, but you don’t need to try to find it as you are leaving your reception.

10.  What Are You Doing Post Reception

You might have a lot of family in from out of town, so you may want to do a post wedding reception gathering that is more intimate at a nice hotel or you may just want to head to bed and continue the celebration with you family and friends the next day.Spokane Weddings

11.  What Are You Doing the Day After

There are many options for the day after you say your ‘I Do’s’.  We all think about the big day, but the day after can easily fall by the wayside.  You have a few options and if you have a plan you are able to really enjoy being newlyweds and go about the next couple days stress free.  Some ideas are; you can head out on a plane for your honeymoon, have a present party/brunch with the close family and friends, or just enjoy a relaxing day with your new wife or husband.

12. Emergency sewing kit

This is that small, but more often than you might think, an important item that has saved many of wedding days.  Make sure someone has an emergency sewing kit for that pesky dress that keeps falling down, or that zipper that just won’t zip correctly.  Having a kit in a bag, is much better than having a bridesmaid stress over her dress dropping.

I hope this little list of 12 important (but sometimes forgotten) items helps you in your planning and organizing of your wedding day.  Keep it stress-free, and delegate to the people that are involved in your day and ask questions of your vendors.

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