Downtown Portland Engagement Session

Before we jump into the awesome images from our Downtown Portland Engagement session, I have to share a bit of history.
I met Mallory at Saint Martin’s University in 2002 where I was the starting shortstop and Mal was the starting 1st baseman. It took me a bit to warm up to Mal since she and our 2nd baseman liked to team up and make jokes about everyone else..yes you did (you too Jess)!!! I remember going home after the first few practices telling John, my fiance at the time, that I wasn’t sure how to take Mal. Was she really frickin’ funny or did she truly not like me? I found out quickly that she wasn’t just funny. She was frickin’ hilarious and I loved her for it. I actually remember looking forward to new teammates to watch her interact with them, and to see if they were as sensitive as I was (not many were). I made so many great friends during those 2 years in Lacey, WA that I am grateful to Suzanne and Mal that I get to reunite with some of them this August!!
Each time one of my college teammates make their way through Spokane, I make every effort to meet up with them. Mallory let me know she would be in the area for a Spokane Wedding and would have time to chat over coffee. Little did I know she had a friend waiting to meet me as well.  During our catch-up and get-to-know each other conversation, it was revealed to me that Mal and Suzanne were recently engaged!! I think I jumped straight out of my chair and over the table to get a glimpse of the engagement ring. I couldn’t have been more excited!!!! Many of you will not be surprised when I tell you that I teared up right there in the coffee shop (and even right now as I type this). Nothing makes me happier than two people finding another person that they want to share the rest of their life with…especially my good friends. Once I was over my embarrassment of being a crybaby, I reminded Mal and Suzanne that I am a willing-and-able traveling wedding photographer. Mal informed me that they did have an ulterior motive for the meeting, which was to ask if I would be their wedding photographer in Oregon. Oh, I was so excited!! Of course I would! I handed them a pen and paper and immediately began planning.
With each of my wedding packages, I offer a free engagement session to get to know my couple a bit more and so we can all learn how to work with one another. Mal and Suzanne were no exception. They shared with me that they would really enjoy a downtown Portland engagement session to show of their personalities and style; I was more than game. Road Trip!!! They wanted to emphasize on landmarks and the amazing bridges that Portland has to offer, so I delivered! We walked the streets of downtown Portland stopping at interesting textures, colors, signs and backdrops. Our last stop was to the rusty colored Broadway Bridge where we scored a couple of my favorite photos from the photo shoot.Downtown Portland Engagement Session Downtown Portland Engagement Session Black and white engagmenet photos Downtown Portland Engagement Session traveling wedding photographer Downtown Portland, Oregon Engagement Portland, Oregon Engagement Portland, Oregon Engagement Portland Engagement Session Same sex engagement Downtown Portland Engagement Session Downtown Portland Engagement Session Downtown Portland Engagement Session Downtown Portland Engagement Session Sexy engagement photos Downtown Portland Engagement Session

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