Fall Glover Mansion Wedding

I absolutely love couples like Allison and TJ!  These two made their wedding day special, energetic, and personal, which makes my day a lot of fun.  They are also the kind of couple that I wish lived here, because just the Seahawks garter alone sold me on how awesome of a couple they are.
Allison and TJ decided to share their love at the Glover Mansion on Spokane’s lower south hill.  This time around, the mansion wedding was relaxed, full of laughs, and flooded with late fall colors.  They shared their vows outside in the crisp late fall air, surrounded by the bright pops of gold, yellow, brown, and deep orange.  Because of the stunning Spokane foliage around the mansion, we were able to capture a lot of the surrounding features.  We used the ivy covered brick wall to photograph their bridal party and the leaf covered pathway to photograph the two of them alone.
Just like my other Glover Mansion weddings, we utilized the stunning interior decor and were able to some pretty amazing portraits, especially as they were getting ready to see each other for the first time.  The balcony in the mansion always offers such detail and a uniqueness to each wedding, but for Allison and TJ we shot from some new angles to capture the excitement and anticipation of their first look.  The day went on without a hiccup and the party was a blast as we all danced the night away.  The ladies got down on the dance floor creating some amazing memories that will last forever.  I even was asked to swing dance with a groomsman, which was definitely a once in a life-time experience.  Another great part of getting married at the mansion is the just how close it is to Cliff Drive.  We took the two of them off for a few minutes and were able to get some breathe-taking and romantic portraits of just the two of them overlooking the city and under the fall lights.  It was perfect.
There were laughs, tears and a lot of love from the beginning to the end of their special day, and I am so happy I was able to photograph their wedding day.  Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Armitage, I wish you many more years of love.

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DJ: Craig with Milestone Music
Cake: Happy Cake
Makeup: Evy with Makeup by Evelyn Mauro
Dress: Storybook Bridal
Flowers: Angela Austin with Floral Design
Hair: Tiffany Gaelucei with Scruples Salon

114 W Pacific #209
Spokane, WA 99201

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All Photography and Original Text © Crystal Madsen Photography

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