Family photo session

A family photo session can be a touch stressful, especially if you are coordinating a large group or a youngster who missed a nap.  However gathering up the most important people in your world and freezing a moment in time is truly priceless.

I remember sitting around my grandmothers kitchen table looking at old black and white photos of my dad and his siblings.  I laughed with my sister at the clothes dad wore and my uncle’s outrageously long hair.  Dad was so happy retelling stories that the pictures brought back to life for him.  I didn’t understand at the time that family photos were capable of creating so much meaning and joy.  The images on the yellowing paper brought dad back to his youth, brought grandma’s little boy back and actually brought our entire family together united and bonded under the stories.  Pictures are magical. Trust me, when you sit with your adult children looking at them when they were babies you won’t be worried about the effort it took to make your family photo session happen.  You will wish you had more images.  Stop dragging your feet, call up all your important people and lock in a date to get your loved ones trapped on some magical paper!

I had the honor of photographing Lauren and Matt’s wedding day two years ago (and their engagement session a year before that).  They since made another amazing little human being. I was asked to shoot some more images of them as their world grew.  I love when I get to see my clients in various stages of their lives.  With that said I am overjoyed to share this very special family photo session with you!

Thanks for taking the time to look over these images!  If you would like to set something up to freeze your family for a moment give me a call.

Crystal Madsen


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